A day in the life of a competitive bodybuilder

A few days ago, I idly aired the idea of a “day in the life…” type post on Twitter. It seems you like the idea! Well, here goes… although I’m not promising it’ll be particularly interesting 😉

2:47am you wake up for a wee
3:30am you wake up for no apparent reason
6:45am you wake up because it’s time to wake up

Time for a coffee! You have an espresso with a teaspoon of coconut oil, partly because it’s yum, partly to fuel your “cardio” (aka fast walk with the dog)

Off out along the canal/to the beach/up some hills with the dog for 45 minutes or so. You listen to a podcast, or an audio book (thank goodness for never-ending series of whodunnits and thrillers)

Home again, time to feed the dog (rice, sardines) and yourself (eggs, egg whites, green beans).

Let’s get to work. After all, this bodybuilding thing isn’t actually your job and there are bills to pay. Open up the laptop and look at the to-do list you put together last night. Sip on a green tea whilst you complete at least one task.

One bit of work done/a pitch sent off/business admin completed, it’s time to head to the gym. Grab a bottle containing BCAAs, electrolytes and water, a change of shoes, and all the essentials (gym pass, today’s session written down, headphones) and off we go.

Today is quads! We are front squatting, amongst a myriad of other delights.

That done, it’s home for “PWO” (of whey and an apple today) and a quick shower.

Back to work. After a while, you get up to make another meal and realise that your quads have seized up whilst you’ve been sitting and typing.

Work. Meal. Drink. Wee. Work. Let dog out for a wee. Think – as every day – that you really ought to do some stretching and/or foam rolling during the day. Fail to do so.

None of my daytime meals are photographed because, frankly, when the busy end of work coincides with the sharp end of a diet, meals look uninspiring (at best) or ugly (at worst). Picture various sources of protein, various green veg, and some nuts. In a bowl. Normally the same bowl, all day long.

Work finished (any time between 5pm-7pm) you get up, stretch, wince and take the dog for another 45 minute walk, glad of the fresh air.

By now you’re struggling for energy. Dinner time can’t come quickly enough: it’s usually steak, game or other red meat with…er…green veg.

Write tomorrow’s work to-do list, tackle the mountain of washing up (all those meals soon add up…), perhaps a little reading, blogging, catching up with a pal on the phone or – when the waves of freelance life are more like a tsunami – yet more work.

8:00pm Is it too early to go to bed? Probably. But if we just potter for a bit… it’ll be 8:30pm, and that’s not so embarrassing.

But whyyyy are the stairs so steeeeep? Next time, you’ll move into a bungalow. You’re crawling by now.

You take your final meal/snack to bed (you’ve long learned that not only is this a nice ritual, but that when the diet really starts to bite, it will keep you out of the danger zone of wandering in to the kitchen at night). Casein, egg whites, maybe some flax… oh what a joy! 😉

Just before you go to sleep, you get to peel the next “count down” sticker off your bathroom wall… the Worlds are getting closer… you made it through another day on prep!

Lights out. IPad and phone out of the bedroom. Your brain doesn’t need any further excuse to wake up at obnoxious times in the night!

A day in the life of a competitive bodybuilder is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.


2 Responses to A day in the life of a competitive bodybuilder

  1. Rachel says:

    Brilliant as always – good to know I’m not the only one who uses the ‘last meal in bed’ to keep out of the kitchen! When I get up to brush my teeth afterwards I’m all “straight to the bathroom and back – no kitchen wandering detours”, Oh and the random wakings up – what the eff is with that??


    • Nicola Joyce says:

      I don’t know…partly needing a wee but also I think it’s hormonal, when dieting hard or for a long time especially on low carbs. I sleep better after a carby dinner or final meal! 🙂


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