Update post: 13 days til my 13th comp

It’s 13 days til my 13th bodybuilding competition. Here’s hoping it’s a lucky number for me!

(There are also 13 members of the 2013 team… !)

In two weeks time, it’ll be the morning after the INBF Worlds. What will have happened? Who knows. It’s exciting!

Only 13 more “sleeps” and only 11 of those in the UK. I can’t wait to meet up with the rest of the UK team and spend the final couple of days of prep with and around them.

I started this blog post intending to give an update but I don’t feel there’s much to say quite honestly! I’ve just been carrying on with prep: more of the same. I’ve been dieting to some degree now all year, and sometimes it really feels like it’s been that long, but at other times the length (and gentle “dialling in”) of the diet throughout the year means that it feels relatively normal. It hasn’t been extreme, or hasty, or full of panic and drama. It’s just kind of what I do, so I’ve felt fine to carry on doing it for a few more weeks.

That’s not to say I’m not thinking about life “post-diet” and setting myself some goals and challenges for the months (and year) to come. I certainly am. I’ll let you know what they are in due course 😉

My training changes slightly today to keep the body moving and burning fat even in these final couple of weeks. My diet has stayed varied and tasty, and I’ve actually recently gone back to a slightly older version of the diet (having modified things for a few weeks, but those modifications are now a little bit harsh as the training gets more demanding).

Here are a few pics from Instagram (I do always advise people to reuse content as much as possible!)


I’m off to the NPA Finals today to spectate – it’s always interesting to watch shows rather than be in them, and I usually pick up a few tips about posing, stage presentation and performance!

Update post: 13 days til my 13th comp is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

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2 Responses to Update post: 13 days til my 13th comp

  1. Best wishes to you on number 13…A number to take full advantage of with everyone thinking it is bad luck, you can turn the other competitors thinking about 13th bad luck into your13th good luck…13 will be your lucky number to win…”number 13 please step forward and recieve your fist place trophy…” see it, think it, feel it, be it…


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