Book review: The Fat Burn Revolution by Julia Buckley

When I heard that my fellow fitness writer, Julia Buckley, had written an ACTUAL BOOK, I was keen to get my hands on a copy and review it here.


Julia and I have been friends for a few years, moving in the same circles, sharing (and supporting each other through) the challenges of freelancing.

Julia took on the admirable task of writing a book and getting it out there. The book itself grew out of of a long and involved project, which saw Julia digging deep into the myths, truths and theories of fat loss, using her own experiences and those of her clients (she also works as a personal trainer).

The result?

“The Fat Burn Revolution: Boost Your Metabolism and Burn Fat Fast”, published by Bloomsbury Sport. (You can preorder it on Amazon now – it will be available from 2nd January 2014 in paperback – and there is also an ebook).

The book gives readers real, sustainable ways to lose realistic amounts of body fat and keep it off. It’s not about getting lean for bodybuilding shows, nor is it about quick fixes. It’s about how to tweak your exercise and lifestyle for better health, fitness, quality of life, emotional wellbeing… or your own reason for wanting to be a bit leaner.

The largest section covers exercise. You get an entire 12 week fitness programme (designed to be done at home with just a few bits of kit). Julia explains how she developed the programme, why it would work, and how it will help increase your metabolism even at rest. The sessions are no longer than 45 minutes each, but pretty intense! They get more challenging as your strength and fitness increase.

As well the 12-week training plan, there’s nutritional advice, tips on how to maintain your leaner body, and a good discussion of how to overcome the barriers some people face when making changes to their activity, exercise and nutrition.

“The Fat Burn Revolution: Boost Your Metabolism and Burn Fat Fast” looks great, is clear and easy to follow, and would make a lot of good sense even to a complete beginner.

I would buy this for:
– beginner exercisers who want to focus on fat loss
– people who don’t want to exercise at a gym
– anyone who doesn’t want to focus on traditional cardio for exercise (running, etc)
– people who already exercise but need some guidance about how to utilise resistance/body weight exercises
– anyone who has tried to lose body fat before but has never quite got there, or hasn’t been able to maintain it

The book gets two thumbs-up from me: one thumb for the fact that it flies the flag for building and maintaining more muscle, the other thumb for the realistic, practical nutrition advice.

I’m so chuffed for Julia and really hope the book does well. I therefore urge you to check out the webpage about the book… and consider pre-ordering it or getting the ebook.

Nice one, Julia! πŸ™‚

You can follow Julia Buckley on Twitter and read more about Julia and the book on her Julia Buckley’s website.

Book review: The Fat Burn Revolution by Julia Buckley is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.

9 Responses to Book review: The Fat Burn Revolution by Julia Buckley

  1. Danny Lake says:

    This actually seems very interesting! By ebook version do you mean it will be available on Kindle? I haven’t held an actual paperback book in so long! Will definitely be getting this though!


  2. Hi Danny, good to hear you like the sound of my book. Sure, the ebook should work on all types of readers, you can pre-order the Kindle version from Amazon here:

    Thanks again for the review Nic. x


  3. Lorna says:

    Hi there.

    I am very interested in following this 12 week programme however I am a nurse working 14-15 hour shifts 3 days a week. Is this a programme that needs to be done every single day or is it 3/4 days a week? I would really appreciate your response as I don’t want to order the book until I know, if it requires daily commitment I don’t think it will work with my lifestyle due to the shifts.
    Your review was very helpful so thank you!


    • Nicola Joyce says:

      Hi Lorna, Julia might not see this comment, I would advise contacting her directly πŸ™‚ She’s on twitter and her email address is on her website- both links are within my blog post review of the book. Nic


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