How to train arms like a man

The title of this blog post isn’t instructional. It’s a question.

How? How can I train arms like a man?

Or, more accurately, how can I enjoy training arms as much as men seem to?

My male readers, this one’s for you. What can you tell me, what secrets can you share, which might actually make me care about training biceps and triceps?
OK, let’s start with biceps. Triceps are OK, I do occasionally enjoy triceps training.

But biceps… I just… no. I don’t care. I’m never excited by it.


A huge proportion of blokes in the gym seem to love training arms more than anything. I’ve even asked some of them to share what makes bicep training such a joy for them. Mostly all I get is a mysterious smile, a shrug and a confession that they just “love the pump”.

Please reveal your man-secrets so that I too might begin to look forward to arm training….

How to train arms like a man is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.

13 Responses to How to train arms like a man

  1. Karen/karryann says:

    Haha, I feel the same as you. Looking forward to the answers………


  2. From my boyfriend (who also doesn’t care about training biceps): if you can increase your bicep strength, you will be able to train your back much, much better. Sure, it’s more of a delayed gratification approach, but maybe that’s what makes training like a woman even better than training like a man πŸ˜‰


  3. flick says:

    Flippin’ hate training arms. Mine are puny which doesn’t help motivation.
    Do you measure them? Would that help?
    Maybe try the man thing of buying a tshirt for them to grow into and make that your aim? x


    • Nicola Joyce says:

      Measuring might… I do like a good “list”

      Not sure trying to bust out of shirts will help – mainly cos at this time of year I’ll know it’s not all muscle πŸ˜€

      I will persevere with arm training!


  4. thonis says:

    Hey Nicola, I can say that i love training every kind of muscle. And so the biceps. There are a lot of different exercices which will grow your biceps. My experience to get a huge biceps is the “intensity”. Of course I’m always changing between my routines but what I’m always doing is free bicep curl sets with heavy weights. That means that I’m doing a warm up first, and than straight to my maximum for max. 8 reps. Don’t forget the rest time in between the sets (max 90 sec.). Important is to not pull it up too much. There is a point where you give your biceps a break when you pull it up too much. And never put it down too fast. After3 sets I’m doing one last set negative with the last weight. When you are doing it right, the weight should be a lot too much for yourself now. That means that your partner has to pull up most of it but you should hold it and slowly put it down. Try to stay good or sit down on a bench. your back will like it. repeat that until it really “hurts”. Give your biceps a short rest and do free hammercurls or go to a cable access with a rope for hammercurls. This is important for all the smaller muscles around. Especially the brachiales which is bigger than most people are thinking. and don’t forget to do it slowly.

    So you i’m sure that u already made curls but try to do more weight and do it slowly. Focus on your biceps while you are training. Another thing is to use your biceps within other exercices. For example pull ups, or when you do “row pulling”?!

    It is always hard to write it. but maybe u understand what i mean. maybe u can catch up a good tipp to let your bicep grow.


  5. One Fit Mama says:

    Men’s favorites: chest and arms
    Ladies favorite: legs

    I focus on a specific body part a day, but iv started doing biceps with back to make less… Ugh! And triceps with chest. Could also be that men are naturally stronger upper body.


    • Nicola Joyce says:

      True dat, mama (although I have to say that I know lots of blokes who love to train legs)

      I do train arms with another body part but the risk there is always that I get to the arm-part of the session and just think… ugh! Do I really have to do this? πŸ˜‰


  6. I personally dont like training my arms, but looking at that photo of Arnie, I am now very motivated to start to train my arms really seriously from today. Thank you for sharing this post : )


  7. […] I’m terrible about training arms. I find it really boring. I know, what a bad bodybuilder. I don’t mind training triceps to be fair, but bicep training bores me to death. I’ll usually tag along with Some Bloke in the gym (because almost every Bloke In The Gym seems to love training biceps). I also don’t really train calves although I know I should. I rarely train abs in the gym – I go boxing twice a week and we do a lot there, and I think my abs get a decent workout from deadlifts too. […]


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