TheFitDog goes to the osteopath

*This is a blog post from Frankie the office dog*

Yo yo yo! What’s happening?

What’s been happening with me is that I have been to the osteopath and had my tail admired from all angles. Your tail is your spine, you know, which is your back, which is part of your skeleton, which is made from BONES!


I did promise you a blog post about my visit to the osteopath (I wrote about it in my spine health post last week) – so, here goes!

Nic has been going to the osteopath for her bad back (now much better). The place she goes to offers free spinal checks for dogs and also for horses, because the main osteopath lady also does osteopathy for horses (and their riders) and dogs.

There’s really nothing wrong with my back but sometimes when I walk along in front of Nic, she thinks I look “a bit wonky” and also she reckons I have a “dent” just where my tail joins my back.


Niki (the osteopath) says animal osteopathy is muscular skeletal healthcare and can help with lameness, congenital problems, arthritis and hip dysplasia (a few of my mates suffer with this).

“The only way a pet can communicate discomfort or pain is to display changes in personality, character or performance,” she said. “Misalignments can cause various symptoms and the animal will often subtly change its gait to compensate for the problem. The joints involved can become stiff and lack their normal range of motion. Ligaments will be put under extra strain and the joints will be more prone to injury.”

First of all, Niki watched me walking back and forth which was OK because it wasn’t raining, and I like walking any time really.


Then we went inside and she started stroking and squeezing all down my back really slowly which was mega nice. It was like being patted and petted but much nicer. Apparently it is called “palpation” (I remembered this because it rhymes with Dalmatian and also Alsatian.) It was soooo relaxing! At first I was wriggling and wagging because it was fun but then I just sat down and really chilled out. I nearly fell asleep. Nic said I was making funny faces with my eyes going all weird and Niki said that is the face dogs make when they are “concentrating” and “tuning in”.


Niki found a couple of tight areas in my back and gave me some quick treatment. It was so nice, I just ended up lying down really still and quiet. I couldn’t even be bothered to wiggle and waggle any more, I just wanted her to carry on!





Niki said: “Frankie appeared to be moving slightly sideways with his back legs when he walked. The osteopathic examination revealed that he had tight and compressed muscles through the junction of his thoracic and lumbar spine on the right hand side. This was causing him to slightly rotate, to avoid discomfort. I treated him with gentle soft tissue work and traction to relax the muscles and restore normal function of the spine. In turn, this allowed his normal gait to resume.”

What she didn’t mention is that she also got rid of my weird “tail dent”!

When we got home I just wanted to sleep, but I didn’t fancy curling up in my bed like normal. Instead I lay stretched out on the floor nice and long and in a few minutes I was snoring my head off!

Thanks Niki
, I enjoyed my osteopathy check up!

TheFitDog goes to the osteopath is a post from the Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.

2 Responses to TheFitDog goes to the osteopath

  1. hififi says:

    Awe, I had my monthly massage last night & was very relaxed & headed off for an early night 🙂
    Thanx Frankie, love your posts 😀 xx


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