Fitness kit I’ve tested this week: Well Hung Meat delivery organic meat box

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Up for review today is a box of delicious organic meat from Well Hung Meat, an online organic butcher and meat delivery company who specialise in organic meat. It’s all they do (and they’ve got tons of awards for it).

They’ve launched a new range of healthier meat boxes (which they say are ideal for fitness folk and anyone following a specific diet/lifestyle, such as paleo, but honestly I think they’re ideal for anyone who likes great meat!) Each box contains a variety of organic meats and the website has lots of information about the origin of the meat, the farms, how the animals were raised, etc. All good stuff if you care about what you’re eating and where it’s come from.

There’s a Paleo Grass Roots Box and a Super Size Cross Fit Box (can you guess who they’re aimed at?) but it was the Protein Power Nutrition Box which I took delivery of.
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Well Hung Meat’s Protein Power Nutrition Box (shown here) contains:
Chicken breasts (400g pack)
Burgers (400g pack)
Thick-cut Sirloin steaks (450g pack)
Minute steaks (375g pack)
Chicken thighs (400g pack)
Pork loin steaks (400g pack)
(and it’s on offer at the moment for £50 with free delivery!)

I’ve now tried everything in the box apart from the pork loin steaks, which I donated to my sister (it’s probably more accurate to say I donated them to my brother-in-law). Nothing wrong with them at all, in fact they looked thick and succulent, I just don’t like pork.

The chicken breasts were amazing: massive, very juicy, didn’t shrink at all when I cooked them. They weren’t as well trimmed as some I’ve had (from other meat delivery companies) but this not a complaint. They just didn’t look as neat.

The burgers were absolutely delicious – vast, soft, juicy – and I’m glad I’ve still got one left to enjoy as a treat again.

The sirloin steak was amazing, barely needed cutting it was so soft.

The chicken thighs were lovely, a real treat, slightly fatty, and delicious pan-fried.

And the minute steaks were great quality (minute steak often seems like a poor cousin to other cuts, but this was very tasty, soft and tender, and of course cooked in a flash). Fun fact: I used to think minute steak was pronounced minute. As in tiny. It wasn’t until I had one and it wasn’t tiny at all that I realised…. no… it means minute. As in the amount of time you need to cook it.

The folk at Well Hung Meat kindly sent me the nutritional data for the meat, as I knew some of you would be interested. Click the image to enlarge.
Well Hung Meat Company nutrition data calories macros

I’d definitely recommend Well Hung Meat – everything was perfectly packed, delivery was hassle-free, and the meat itself was wonderful. The website is very informative (and fun). I’ll be placing an order soon (“hooray”, says thefitdog!)

(One last thing – if you’re a Utility Warehouse customer, you can get 7% cashback on Well Hung Meat orders when you pay using your cashback card! Bargain!)

Thank you for my organic meat box!

You can find out more at the Well Hung Meat, like Well Hung Meat on Facebook and follow Well Hung Meat on Twitter.

Fitness kit I’ve tested this week: Well Hung Meat delivery organic meat box is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.

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  1. The organic meat box is well hung with the richness of varieties and protein.


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