A few recent training sessions

I don’t often post specifics of my training split or actual sessions so thought that’s what I’d do today.

I’m doing my own “prep”, including training, at the moment.

I follow the same split every week (training the same body part/s on the same days) but sessions will change. I realise some people might think this isn’t the optimal approach but I love trying new things and love to pack a lot into my time in the gym. I’ll usually base sessions around one or two key compound exercises, and then do accessory work. I like to start with lower reps (heavier weights) and then move on to things like supersets and dropsets. I’m a bit of a volume junkie.

Here’s my current weights split:
Mon: off
Tues: back, bit of chest, calves
Weds: legs (quads focus)
Thurs: shoulders
Friday: biceps, triceps, calves
Saturday: chest, bit of shoulders
Sunday: legs (hams focus)

Abs get added in at the end of a few sessions a week, as I have time.

Here are a couple of recent sessions (weights are in brackets)

Legs (hams focus)
1) Lying ham curl (drop sets)
1×12/12 (60, 50)
1×12/12/12 (70, 60, 50)
1×12/12/12/12 (70, 60, 50, 40)
2) Lat pulldown 3×20 (35)
3) Barbell regular deadlifts 4 sets 8-10 reps (90, 110, 110, 110)
4) Barbell stiff leg deads (60) superset with dumbbell stiff leg deads DBs (2x30kgs) – 4 sets, 12 reps/12-15 reps
5) Lying leg curls 3×15 (60)
6)Plate loaded leg press 4 sets 12-15 reps (150, 200, 250, 280kgs), then a 60-rep dropset
7) 7 sets 10 reps adductor machine (50kgs)

back and chest

1) T-Bar Row – 5 sets 8-12 reps (40, 50, 55, 55, 55)
2) Incline DB bench press – 5 sets 8-12 reps (2 x 17.5kgs)
3) Close grip underhand lat pull down – 4 sets 8-12 (pin 5 – whatever this is!)
4) Flat bench dumbbell flys straight into flat bench DB press – 3 sets 10-12 reps (2 x 15kgs)
5) 3 sets inverted rows superset single arm dumbbell row (25kg)
6) DB pull overs (I use a plate)
7) Giant set:
Bent over dumbbell row 12 reps (20kgs)
Press ups – to failure
Cable lat pull down (overhand/wide grip) 12 reps
Seated pec dec – 15-20 reps

A few recent training sessions is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.


One Response to A few recent training sessions

  1. Lewa says:

    I also like to add new exercises to my sessions, just to vary it up a bit. I find that I get bored with my training plan easily otherwise. The new exercises help me challenge myself, I use muscles that I would not use otherwise.


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