Guide to getting the most out of your Bodypower visit

Are you going to the BodyPower Expo? It runs from tomorrow (Friday) to Sunday – I’ll be there on the Friday and for part of the Saturday with my “fitness industry copywriter” hat on and am looking forward to meeting up with existing clients, networking with potential new ones, and generally soaking up the crazy atmosphere of the fitness industry’s huge expo.

Bodypower is a valuable opportunity for me to meet fitness, health, training and nutrition businesses, entrepreneurs and established brands, PRs, commissioning editors, athletes and sometimes even blog readers!

Fancy a coffee and a natter? Text or call me, or send me a Tweet thefitwriter Nicola Joyce on Twitter. I have a huge list of friends, clients and fellow bodybuilding competitors to see – I hope I manage to spend a little time with you all!

Here’s a quick guide to getting the most from your Bodypower visit

Plan your visit: Bodypower is busy. Really busy. Particularly if you’re going on the Saturday. So plan your visit – take a look at the exhibitor list, the athletes, the talks and features you might want to go to and have some sort of itinerary. This will save you a lot of time (minimising time spend aimlessly wandering about) and will hopefully ensure you don’t miss anything important.

Do you know what’s in your sample? Tested athletes, be very wary of necking any old sample which you’re given or which is out on exhibitor stands. For those of us who are drug-tested against the WADA list (or whatever regulations your federation uses), we really must be vigilant. If you must grab samples and eat/drink them there and then, please read the label, and if it’s too small to read (as is often the case with sample sizes), ask one of the people on the stand. If in doubt, don’t take it. It’s just not worth it. There are so many samples being given out but honestly, how would you feel if you discovered that something you quickly threw down your neck at Bodypower caused you to fail a test later in your competitive year?

Dress for the conditions (rather than to impress!): far be it from me to tell you what to wear but, honestly, ladies, leave the heels at home. It’s an expo, not a modelling contest (there is one of those, but if you haven’t entered it yet you’re too late). Walking around a massive expo at the NEC is tiring and will leave you sore and achy, don’t make it worse by wearing heels. Obviously if you’re working a stand and your employer has you in hot pants and heels then that’s a different matter 😉 I advise wearing leggings or light tracky bottom/yoga pants type trousers, a t-shirt or vest, a sportsbra (just in case you want to take part in any of the live fitness demos), and trainers. And don’t forget it’ll be warm in there, so minimise the amounts of outer layers you’ll end up carrying around under your arm. There is a cloakroom.

Take your phone but don’t forget the charger: you’ll no doubt be texting and whatsapping your mates all day (trying to arrange meet-ups), taking photos (including selfies of you and your favourite athlete) and trying to upload to instagram #sorrynotsorry. That shiz drains your phone battery (or it does mine anyway). Take a charger, just in case. Can you imagine your phone dying on you just as you go to snap a pic of you and your idol Benjamin Bicep?

Cash is King: there are no cashpoints within the show itself, although there are some around the NEC. But trust me, once you’ve actually got inside, you won’t want to go out again to get cash out. Lots of the exhibitors will take cards, but some won’t, and they will appreciate cash (much faster, so you’ll be helping the queue situation). Have a think about what you might want (need?) to buy, perhaps set a budget, get the cash out before you go.

Prep at least a few meals:
there are plenty of places to get snacks and meals at the NEC, and some prep-type food vendors exhibiting this year too. But I would advise you to prep at least a few meals so you don’t have to rely on whatever is there. And I’d certainly advise not living off samples of protein bars, washed down with BCAA drinks all weekend. Your poor guts!

Don’t forget water: you can buy water there, of course. But it’s set to be a hot weekend and will be very warm in the crowded expo hall. Have a bottle of water with you.

Don’t weigh yourself down:
do you really need to take your cool bag with you around the expo all day? Do you need a bag that big, or a coat that thick? The expo gets very crowded, particularly on Saturday. Be realistic about what you do and don’t need to take. And if you end up buying something large, ask the exhibitor if you can either leave it at their stand until you’re on your way home, or if they’ll post it to you (always worth asking!)

Have fun, enjoy, and do hit me up on text of Twitter if you’d like to meet up!

Guide to getting the most out of your Bodypower visit is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.


2 Responses to Guide to getting the most out of your Bodypower visit

  1. Tara says:

    Last year I went on a Sunday and it was so busy that it actually turned me off going this year – I can’t imagine what it’s like on a Sunday! I will probably make it an ‘every other year’ affair.


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