My Vegan Month: 3 Weeks In

A quick weekly update (I don’t have much to report!) after nearly 3 weeks eating a vegan diet.

This week, I found tempeh – apparently it’s really difficult to locate in the UK. Hardly any shops stock it, so I didn’t expect to find it anywhere.

Tiny (bit of) tempeh

Anyway, I was idly Googling it… and discovered that my town’s local Food “Co-operative”/Farmer’s market type thing sells it! Freshly made (the day before) and sold by the guy who makes it.

What a find – tempeh in Folkestone!

This is what it looks like (well, it’s what the one I bought looks like – it’s a handmade, fermented food so I imagine every batch looks a bit different).

What is tempeh?

Like tofu, it’s made from soy beans. But unlike tofu, tempeh keeps the soy beans whole – so tempeh is firmer and chunkier. It’s much easier to chop and slice than even the firm type of tofu. And it’s fermented (unlike tofu) which has to be a good thing, right?!

Tempeh is higher in calories but also higher in protein (and fibre). It’s considered to be healthier and “better”, because it’s less processed. (Especially if you can get it handmade and really fresh like I did!)

I really liked it. It’s firm and holds its shape, it has a kind of nutty chunky texture, and tastes mild (like tofu) but does have a flavour of its own.

I can’t say that I felt any particular health benefits from eating tempeh, but it’s a fermented food( and gut health is verrrry trendy right now), so I felt a healthy glow of smug satisfaction. And I’m sure my gut microbiome had the best week of its life. Their life? Is gut microbiome a thing or a group of things?

Blood donation

What else? I gave blood on Friday, and didn’t bother rifling through the snacks to find anything vegan. I only really like the Bourbon Creams, Club biscuits and dearly-departed TUC biscuits anyway. I came home and had one of my Vegan Protein Squares instead.

I must say that I felt very tired and drained (no pun intended) the day after giving blood. But I haven’t slept well this week (holla to my neighbour and his early shifts), and have trained 6 days of the 7.

So who knows if not being able to eat red meat after donating blood had anything to do with it.

Bit bored

I’ve felt a bit… bored (?) of eating vegan this week. I am really enjoying the things I am eating. But I’m starting to feel a bit… restless. I want more variety. I’m not missing any one thing in particular. But I think I just miss having the option/s.

Again, this could be stemming from tiredness/poor sleep and sub-optimal recovery 🙂

I don’t have much more to say, so I’ll sign off. Do check out my interview with vegan bodybuilder Tsuki. I’m hoping to post a few more interviews before the month is over.

Any questions? Please let me know!

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist with 13 years experience in writing content and direct response copy for the fitness industry. Get in touch via Facebook, by sending a message here.

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