My Vegan Month: The Round-Up

So Vegan Month has come to an end, and we need a round-up post. I would have written this yesterday but, you know, I was too busy making seitan from scratch… ūüėČ

So. Let’s revisit my first post and answer my own questions…

Did I feel any healthier eating 100% vegan?

Hm. Yes, on balance I did. I always¬†eat a lot of veggies anyway, cook all my own food, rarely if ever get takeaway etc. But¬†what I noticed during¬†Vegan Month is that I just¬†bought less snacky¬†sweet “excess” stuff. This was mostly because I couldn’t be bothered to¬†read the labels on everything. I know there’s vegan¬†chocolate, vegan¬†icecream, etc. But I just kind of couldn’t be bothered. As a result, the amount of¬†unplanned snacking¬†definitely went down. I also¬†ate a lot less in the way of sauces and dressings (because so many of them have¬†milk/cream/egg). My diet¬†was a lot simpler as a vegan.

Did I sleep better?

No change here. My sleep is largely dictated by the noise levels of my neighbours.

Has my body changed at all (composition and/or size?) 

Weight has stayed¬†the same, but¬†then again I did¬†make an effort to eat the same calories as previously, so¬†I wouldn’t expect¬†a change. I do think I look a bit leaner, but this could be because of training¬†frequency¬†which¬†has increased these past few weeks.

Is my training performance affected at all (better/worse)?

I’ve been training hard and feeling¬†good. The only times¬†I’ve felt¬†shit in training is when I’ve been¬†exhausted (see above re: noisy neighbours).

Did I feel hungrier?

No, not at all. In fact maybe less hungry?

How easy (or not) was it to hit my normal macros? 

My protein went down and¬†carbs went up. It was¬†difficult to¬†hit higher protein (because vegan protein is all mixed in with carbs), and¬†difficult not to eat higher carb (same reason). I was hitting around¬†250g carbs a day with no effort at all – just because carbs are¬†kind of everywhere with a vegan way of eating. This is fine by me, by the way, I have no issue with carbohydrate! I felt/performed/look much the same or perhaps a bit better. Protein wasn’t low (lowest was¬†something like 125g) but lower than¬†pre-vegan diet.

What kind of recipes/meals did I end up cooking, and will I keep any of them in my regular diet?

Sorry, did I mention that I made seitan from scratch? I did? Oh. Well I also made lots of curry-type things with tofu and/or pulses. (Some of the recipes are here.) And I discovered fava beans, which I made into a kind of daal with turmeric and spices. I really enjoyed everything I made (I guess it would be odd if I didn’t, given that I made them?!) and will keep them in my regular diet. I will actually make seitan again!

Will I carry on with all or any of my vegan food choices after 30th November?

Definitely. No milk or yoghurt – the thought had been making me feel a bit “ick” for a long time before I did this vegan experiment. I’ll carry on using non-dairy milk. I doubt I’ll want yoghurt but if I do, there’s Alpro. I really dislike honey. I suspect I’ll go back to regular cheese. I will eat eggs and egg whites again. As for meat? I will eat it again, but I don’t have any specific plans. I didn’t get any meat out of the freezer last night ready to eat today. And I haven’t eaten any today. I am looking forward to a bit of salmon and – oddly – tinned tuna.

I hope you’ve enjoyed following this month-long eating experiment. If you have any questions for me, please ask and I’ll do some follow up posts.

All the Vegan Month posts can be found here >> Vegan Month experiment <<.

Nicola Joyce ‚Äď the Fit Writer ‚Äď is a freelance copywriter and journalist with 13 years experience in writing content and direct response copy for the fitness industry. Get in touch via Facebook, by sending a message here.


2 Responses to My Vegan Month: The Round-Up

  1. Thanks for sharing your honest experience. I have wondered about vegan diets for a while. This is the first detailed experience I have read about. Way to go ūüôā


    • Ah, thank you! i would say that I think it’s very healthy but that there are also some benefits to eating animal protein (only IMO and only for me). I will probably eat around 80-90% vegan from now on but with occasional fish, eggs, and some meat. But much less than previously. I will not use dairy again. Thanks for reading.


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