Channel swimming stuff

Open-water swimming’s my thing. The type you do without a wetsuit (although I do the other sort, too, when I’m taking part in triathlons).

I’ve swum the English Channel twice as a solo swimmer and once as part of a 6-(wo)man relay. We went there and back. It was kind of epic. I’ve also swum around Jersey and up Windermere as a solo swimmer. I’ve got lots of other swims planned and this is where you’ll hear about them.

Have a click around this section for reports on swims I’ve done and other useful stuff. Any questions? Just ask. Unless it’s about goose-grease in which case please don’t ask. (Read these FAQs instead.) Cos, no, we don’t wear it.

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  4. Lewa says:

    I am too afraid of open waters to swim. I know that it is a baseless fear, but I am afraid that something is going to come up from the deep and grab me. I know that it is stupid, but I still prefer to swim in a pool, nice and contained.


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