Isle of Man relay

I was part of an intrepid group of explorers who set out in June 2008 to do a relay swim down one side of the Isle of Man. Like all the best experiments, we didn’t get it right first time and had to abort after 22 miles and 12 hours as the wind picked up to force 6, more than our kayak-support could safely contend with.

We started at the Point of Ayre and our goal was the Calf of Man. It hadn’t been done before.

I swam two hour-long stints, one just south of the Point, and one around Peel Castle. The water was a very chilly 12*C but very, very beautiful.

A modified team (without me 😦 ) has since gone back and finished the job. Well done chaps!

Best bit of this swim? BASKING SHARKS! And SEALS! Awesome, awesome, awesome. 😀

This is how happy I am about having just swum for an hour with a seal

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