It’s 44 miles around Jersey. But, if you want to know a secret, there’s also a really strong tidal push in places. Don’t tell anyone, OK. I like people to think I actually swam 44 regular miles.

I’ve actually swum 1.5 times around Jersey. My first attempt was aborted at almost exactly the half-way point because sea conditions got so bad that the boat crew couldn’t see me very well in the waves (oh, and the boat’s engine kept cutting out). Safety first, and boat crew’s word final. I was out.

Choppy first swim

Can you spot my pilot boat?

Second time lucky… I had a dream of a day, force 0 (!) and water as flat as a mirror. I was carrying a stomach bug but enough with the excuses, I did it. 12 hours on the button. It was a beautiful swim conducted under the watchful eye of my dear friends at Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club, but it was a toughie. I’ve never been so pleased to touch a concrete breakwater in my life (Elizabeth Castle breakwater is the start and finish point).

Round Corbiere

Big jellyfish, too!

On 15 September 2007 I became the 51st person/30th woman to complete the round-Jersey swim.

If you fancy a read, here’s a feature I wrote about it.

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