2010 season plans and reports

Racing and coaching plans (so far) for the season. Click through to my race reports for past events. And if you’re going to be at any of these events, come and say hi!

30th: Storm Force Fitness’s kettlebell workshop in Guildford (S & C)

21st: Wokingham half-marathon (road running)


2nd: Maidenhead Easter 10 (road running)
18th: Thames Towpath 10 (road running)

15th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd: Open-water coaching at Dorney (coaching)
30th: Surrey Sussex Scramble sportive (road biking) Race report

6th: 3 Counties Sportive (road biking) Race report
13th: Windsor triathlon (triathlon) Race report
29th: Salomon Forest Trail (off-road running) Race report

2nd: Marketing Industry triathlon (triathlon) Race report
3rd: Great London Swim (open-water swim) Race report
11th: BananaMan triathlon (triathlon) Race report
14th: XT Memorial Mile (track running) Race report
18th: BLDSA Calshot championships (non-wetsuit open-water swim)
or Reading sportive(road biking) Race report
25th: Channel 50 Challenge don’t get excited! Not a two-way Channel swim..(!)..it’s a road bike event (road biking) Race report

25th: 220 midweek Sprint – race report
28th: The ‘Little’ Woody (triathlon)
Race report and pictures

12th: Southern Sportive (road biking) Race report
19th: Portsmouth Victory 5 (road running) Decided against this in the end.
26th: Folkestone half marathon (my home town!) (road running) Race report

8-week PT challenge – relevant posts here, here, here, here, here, and here.

8-week PT challenge – relevant posts here, here, here, here, here, and here.

10,000 swing kettlebell challenge – posts here.

4 Responses to 2010 season plans and reports

  1. Roger Joyce says:

    hey nic!

    look forward to seeing you running at the Rotary Folkestone 1/2 in September….

    well done

    Dad xx


  2. thefitwriter says:

    I’ll be there! (at last….!) XX


  3. […] Open-water swimming events and races, 2010 I don’t know about you, but I often wish there was one place which listed loads of open-water swimming events and races. So I thought I’d compile one. I’m not saying it’s complete, so don’t flick water in my eyes if I haven’t mentioned an event you know about (tell me about it in the comments section, instead, then I’ll add it to the list). Source: http://www.humanrace.co.uk If you’re planning on swimming in any of these events, I’d love to know about it. Leave me a comment, or chat to me about it on Twitter. I’m hoping to do one or two myself (I’ll add them to my list of races). […]


  4. […] A year off turned into two. Here we are in 2010 and I haven’t got a non-wetsuit swim challenge on the calendar. […]


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