50 days… starting tomorrow. Join us!

December 31, 2014

Sometimes, things are a little easier with the help of a friend.


Quick story for you before I invite you to join me (and my pal Rae) on a 50 day challenge, starting tomorrow.

A few months ago, I was training at the gym in the town where my Mum lives. I saw a young woman doing deadlifts (yep, that got my attention for starters). She then asked me to check her form. My respect for her went up again. Anyway – long story short – Rae and I got chatting. She’s pretty new to the gym and fitness lifestyle but massively dedicated to learning as much as she can about eating and training for the body she wants. Since that happy chance meeting, Rae and I have trained together a couple of times, and stay in touch via Instagram (not sure why Instagram particularly… but that’s how it’s happened!)

So, when she and I both said we wanted to nail down a few solid weeks of training, nutrition, lifestyle change and general “getting our shit together”, we thought… why not do it together? Check in with each other, motivate each other, and use each other as accountability.

So, starting tomorrow, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Join us?

We’ve set personal goals – mostly training and diet related but also some specific individual goals (for example, I want to stop sitting up too late every night and instead go to bed earlier and get more good quality sleep).

We’re both motivated by visual things, so have put together calendar check-lists (I do like a good “tick”!) and vision boards (love ’em or loathe ’em, I can’t say I’m bothered 😉 they work for me and that’s all I need to know).

If you’d like to join us, please do. Rae and I are using Instagram as our main source of public accountability.

We’ve each set five positive habit, lifestyle and routine changes to work on every day from 1st Jan to 19th Feb. They’re mostly training and diet related but are specific goals personal to each one of us (for example, I want to stop sitting up too late every night and instead go to bed earlier and get more good quality sleep)

Here are mine:

– Develop a productive daily routine (incorporating everything I want to get done, from training and cardio, to long dog walks, finance and admin stuff, business stuff, and obviously my work!) – again, something which I don’t have to overthink and which is very productive
– Get into an easy, sustainable off-season eating routine, which helps me meet my training and physique goals until I next diet for a comp
– Drop a little bit of the festive chub 😉
– Go to bed by 10:30, no sitting up late procrastinating, wasting time online etc (a bad habit of mine!)
– Strength goals for GVT – I may tweak these actually as perhaps they’re too low – 45kgs for GVT bench, 70kgs for GVT squat, 40kgs for GVT OHP

Who’s up for joining Rae and me on our 50 day challenge? If you’re on instagram and would like to check in there every day (as we will be), start tomorrow (1st Jan), and post one insta pic per day relating to that day’s goals, challenges or successes, using the hashtag #50daystofit (that way, Rae and I can find you and cheer you on!)

You can find Rae on instagram here and me on instagram here.

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