Meet The Fit Writer’s office dogsbody: Frankie!

Posing in the New Forest

He can’t type (he can’t even hold a pen) but that doesn’t stop him being a bit of a superstar in his own right. He’s even appeared in a sport magazine: Women’s Running. I wrote an article about the Wokingham half-marathon and he managed to sneak into the picture! He hasn’t noticed that he’s flashing his…erm…undercarriage. Don’t tell him.

With Nicola after the Wokingham half marathon 2010

He didn’t bother to read the words. He only wanted to look at his picture.

Frankie’s a “boxer-cross” (your guess is as good as ours) and we got him from a local dog rescue in September 2009 when he was around 9 months old.

If he was a human he’d definitely love training.


“How do you pick these up without opposable thumbs?”

He’d favour HIIT and explosive body-weight exercises

Pouncing on toys: good for explosive power

Puddle-jumping – great for the quads

And he’d have no trouble getting enough ‘invisible training’.

He says he’s just recovering for his next sprint session walk.

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11 Responses to Dogsbody

  1. marathonmum says:

    He’s in better shape than Laney! Do you mind if I copy this idea on my blog?


  2. scott says:

    Hey Nicola

    Frankie is a smasher! I have a boxer called Sinclair (aka Stinkers)

    He loves the kettlebells too

    And this is him with his cousin Taggart (my Sisters pooch)

    They both come running with us all the time its the only way to stop them eating the house

    Keep running


  3. lovetotrain says:

    hi, i found your blog off jen’s facebook page. LOVE your doggy and looking forward to having a read through πŸ™‚


  4. Giulia says:

    I just love your pup Frankie!


  5. ct28.aspx says:

    has just over a year to run on his current contractI didnt have any comments from his side that he would like to move or will not sign a new contract.


  6. mail69.aspx says:

    JOSE MOURINHO is on the brink of landing his top target Antoine Griezmann in a deal that could cost Manchester United ι”Ÿ?6million, reports claim.


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