A few thanks yous: Moving Comfort, Brooks, Adidas, Boobydoo

August 28, 2012

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I went and did a training session/photoshoot combo for a Muscle & Fitness article I’m writing? Well, I need to do a follow-up post, for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, the fitness model who was in the shoot with me (lending an air of glamour, professionalism and… y’know… actually knowing how to model in front of the camera) was a jolly nice chap by the name of Shaun Stafford. Shaun was dieting and training hard at the time of our shoot. He competes as Pro fitness model with the WBFF, and this weekend was the WBFF Worlds – a huge deal for Shaun, the pinnacle of his competitive career. He only went and won! Yes, Shaun is now the World 2012 WBFF Male Fitness Model World Champion and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer (and harder-working) guy. So, first of all I have to say massive congratulations to Shaun at reaching your goal!

Secondly, and the main point of this post, is a series of over-due thank yous. You see, when Muscle & Fitness asked me not only to write the article but be in the photos, too, I panicked. Not least on the topic of outfits. Was I really going to be in a magazine wearing my ratty old mis-matched gym kit, some of which I have honestly had since University (circa 1842)? No. Help! So, I put a few shouts out: to clients (I do copywriting for sport and fitness brands), PRs and anyone who felt moved to help me!

Four generous companies sent me kit, and I owe them a great deal of thanks – and a few reviews!

Moving Comfort
Boobdydoo Sports Bras
Brooks running shoes
… thank you. Very much!

Moving Comfort is the the number one bra brand in the USA and I can see why. They sent me a load of stuff, including bras, and they’re all such amazing quality, very soft (but supportive) and great designs. Really top-end stuff. I’ve worn their kit for intervals, for steady state cardio, in the gym, walking the dog and just out and about, it really is that nice.

I think one of my favourite items is this Urban Gym sweatshirt (which has been admired by several of my gym-going girlfriends – and my friend’s 5-week old baby, who snuggled into the open-neck fleecy bit). It’s just lovely, so so soft and perfect for after the gym or just wearing at home. And it’s ever so slightly glittery if you look carefully…

Of the bras Moving Comfort sent, I really like the Rebound racer. That’s if I had to choose, because seriously every single bit of kit they sent me is amazing quality, design and comfort! I love a racerback (for the look and for the freedom of movement) and what I particularly liked about this bra (and a few of the others) was the clever way they adjust: at the front, the shoulder strap passes through the main bra and doubles back on itself, fastening with velcro. So clever and so easy to adjust, and not something I’ve come across before.

Another thing I’ve been wearing a lot is this Urban Gym tee – it’s a bit heavy for hot training sessions but perfect for yoga (if I did yoga that is…), pilates (ditto) or just for wearing out and about. It’s a lovely design.

Brooks running shoes are the sister company to Moving Comfort. They kindly sent me the PureFlow shoes which are a neutral shoe, really comfy and suited for running or gym work. I love these shoes! So very comfortable! I wore them straight out of the box for the shoot and did all sorts of plyos, jumps, hurdle work etc in them and the shoes felt supportive and springy but really lightweight. They also gave me great advice over the phone and got my size spot on (despite me initially insisting I was a size 6). I’d wear them more often but… my two-year old nephew removed one of the insoles without me noticing, so the insole is now in Kent and I am in Berkshire. When I am reunited with the insole, you can bet I’ll be wearing my PureFlows again!

Adidas sent me their Supernova racerbra and Response shorts. I like both but I really love the bra! It’s so flattering, can just about be worn as a crop top and is a lovely design and – being slightly padded – gives a really great shape.

Thanks also to Boobydoo Sports Bras – a great online source for sportsbras (they always give such fantastic advice and service) who sent me a few of the bras they stock to try, including the Sportjock action sportbra which is a simple design but extremely comfortable and plenty supportive enough for anything other than high-impact. I’ve been wearing them a lot in the gym and for cycling/spinning and they’re perfect – lightweight, comfy (and they come in lots of bright colours too!)

A massive heartfelt thank you to Moving Comfort, Adidas, Boobdydoo Sports Bras, Brooks running shoes. Join them on Facebook why don’t you?
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