Muscles from Brussels

November 19, 2012

When two people send you Tweets about Brussels sprouts, on the same day and quite independently of each other, you know you need to take note.

“Eating sprouts and thinking of you!” said Jenna. A little while later, Jj declared “Nic, I can’t LOOK at a sprout without thinking of you!” I felt proud, and not a little humbled 😉 Ha ha!

Elsewhere on the interweb (well, Facebook mostly) I am becoming renowned for my love of this much-maligned brassica. Brussels are for life (when they’re in season), not just Christmas!

The truth is, my favourite way of preparing Brussels sprouts is nothing fancy. In fact, it was born out of prep dieting which, as we all know, is bereft of pancetta and glugs of oil and toppings of butter of parmesan cheese.

Yet it is this simple recipe which has been adopted by various friends and social media folk (even those who previously thought they “hated” Brussels sprouts) and so I am happy to share it with you here.

I warn you, it takes… ooh… about 5 minutes prep time.

– Brussels sprouts
_ (optional: spray oil, salt, pepper, chili flakes)


Tip your Brussels sprouts into the baking tray. If any of them are giganto-Brussels, cut them in half (through the stem, so the halves stay in one piece). Spray with oil. Sprinkle with seasonings of your choice. Bake in a hot-ish oven (sorry can’t be more specific – hot enough that they cook, not so hot that the outsides burn) until done. Done is slightly blackened and crispy outside leaves, soft and caramelised insides.

They are delicious I promise you. Not a hint of the bitter taste which some people find with raw or boiled (bleee!) Brussels. Lovely straight from the oven and also great cold. They keep for a few days in the fridge. I tend to prepare about 1kg of them at a time and keep for snacks or sides during the week.

Particularly lovely are the little mini baby Brussels – just tip ’em in and off you go. Yum!

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