Fitpros: Do You Know How To Use Info From Press Releases For Your Own Content Marketing?

August 22, 2016

fitness pro use press release for content ideas

The other day, I shared a press release I’d been sent in a fitpro marketing Facebook group. Some of the fitpros in the group asked me how they should use the info in that press release. Here’s what I told them.

First up: what’s a press release?

A press release (or news release) is a document sent out from a business to members of the media. Any business or organisation with news to announce can send one: brand, business, organisation, charity, NGB, sole trader, or the PR people who look after them.

Press releases are typically sent to journalists (in house and freelance), editors, and bloggers. But there are plenty of ways to access them (or get them delivered to your inbox) if you’re a business owner who writes their own content.

There is tons of info online about how to write your own press release. But what about using other people’s press releases as a useful prompt for your own content? With 26 gazillion (<< estimated figure) press releases being generated every day, why not use the info! Here’s how – and why – you should.

What kind of press releases have useful data/stats in them?

Most press releases will be about product news or business announcements. But some will be story-led (particularly in the fitness industry), and others will use data/research/stats as the “hook”. These are going to be the most useful ones for you as a fitpro in constant need of content ideas!

But I’m not a journalist or content writer like you… how can I access press releases?

Here are some resources – visit the sites, see if they distribute press releases in your industry (but do think outside the box, too), and sign up

e releases
PR newswire
PR web
PR genie

I’d also recommend signing up to email/newsletter lists. Fitpros could try signing up for latest news from NGBs (national governing bodies) in sport, sports organisations like UKActive and Sport England. PT and fitness training companies are another great source (the type that deliver training to fitpros). It is also worth trying to get on the email list of leading sport and fitness PR companies (like Promote PR) as they will regularly send out useful news about clients and industry research.

Finding your own best sources of industry news is a bit like building a great swipe file. It takes time. You’ll need to keep an eye out for sources, and then bookmark/sign up to them. It will be an ongoing process. But stick at it and before too long you’ll have a valuable resource.

OK. Got it. So how, when, and why would I use “stats” type press release info?

As a fitpro, you need to generate content, right? (PS If you don’t have time, or hate doing it, I can help << click 😉 ) Blog posts, Facebook posts, ideas for emails, newsletter articles. Every hook and idea helps.

Most of the press releases you’ll get won’t be helpful in this regard. But some will contain stats (from a study or survey), data, or industry insights. And you can use those as a hook for your own content.

Here’s an example:

You get a press release from a PT training company who are promoting their qualification for training older gen pop. As a hook for that press release, they have done a survey into attitudes and misconceptions about fitness. In the release, they give a load of stats from their in house survey.

>> 75% of women over the age of 55 have never gone into the free weights area of the gym. 63% of over-60s believe that lifting weights overhead will damage the spine.<> “Did you know that 75% of women over the age of 55 have never even set foot in the free weights area of a gym? That’s according to new researched published by XX Training Company, who recently surveyed XX men and women aged 50-70.”<<

(Then you'd add your own content, about how you can help older people train safely and with confidence… or whatever it is you do.)

You need to credit the course, and say where the stats are from. All the information you'll need will be on the press release.

Is that helpful? If you have any questions about using press release information for your own content, or about writing and circulating your own press releases, get in touch. I can help!

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Fitpros: Do You Know How To Use Info From Press Releases For Your Own Content Marketing? is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.

Fitness writer at Leisure Industry Week (LIW) 2010

September 22, 2010

Yesterday I was up at the NEC attending the first day of Leisure Industry Week (LIW), the enormous trade show dedicated to all things sport, fitness and leisure. It was great to see some old friends (including the ladies from Promote PR in the press office – thanks for the coffee! – and the guys on the Aqua Sphere, Zoggs, Speedo and ASA stands.)

I attended the keynote talk and panel session from the Fitness Industry Association (FIA), the sector’s trade association, where David Stalker (the FIA’s Exec Director), Dr John Searle (the FIA’s Chief Medical Officer) and a panel of other speakers heavily involved in community and workplace health and fitness initiatives talked us through the industry’s five-year plan aimed at helping government deliver public health plans. It’s the most important industry development in 20 years. The talks presented both the huge and exciting scope for the initiative and the challenges… It gave us a lot to think about, and I’ll be keeping an eye on developments. Some of the points which came out of the talks:

– localism is key. fitness facilities should operate as local community ‘hubs’
– 90% of the population live within 2 miles of a fitness facility
– 50% of the population aren’t active enough to derive any medical benefit from it
– 30% of the population report that they hit the government’s “30 minutes of activity, 5 days a week” target but in actual fact only 6% do so
– the industry needs a new and compelling message for a new generation, with the necessary soft-skills to accompany it
– there’s little point us telling each other about how great activity and fitness is – we already know. The challenge is in convincing those outside the industry
– the industry needs to sell emotionally, not functionally. What do people actually want, and how do they want to engage with it?
– how can the industry reach out to minority groups and difficult-to-reach communities, for whom fitness and activity might have cultural barriers?
– we need to look at and measure the consumer’s fitness journey, from the moment they walk through the door of their local facility to the time they reach their goal
– there are 3m companies and 40m employees nationwide, and those with an active workforce report 30% fewer absences
– as far as threats to our country go (terrorism, climate change, recession), where does that of an increasingly sedentary population rank…?

I’ve got plenty more notes scribbled down but those were some of the ones which gave me most food for thought. What are your thoughts about how the fitness and leisure industry can help more people engage with regular exercise?

In the afternoon, I wandered halls 17, 18 and 19 of the NEC, talking to triathlon and swimming suppliers and introducing myself to a few new contacts. I swung by the stand of Mike Buss, the ultra athlete who is (as I type!) finishing his 100 marathons in 100 days challenge. He’s already run his marathon for the day (on a treadmill in front of the crowds). Rumour has it he’s been hitting around 4-hour pace for most of the marathons so far. He’s doing marathon 99 today and marathon 100 tomorrow. I’m hoping to catch up with him on the phone soon to ask him a few questions. Is there anything I can ask on your behalf? (More info about Mike and his challenge here.)

I popped over to Aqua Sphere to get a sneak preview of a very special product which will be unveiled to the triathlon community in the New Year. It was being kept away from prying eyes but was brought out of the cupboard so I could have a squeeze, a stretch and a “what’s that bit in there for?” I think it looks great. Triathlete’s World have asked me to test it and I’ll let you know when the review is coming out.

At the end of the day, I had a coffee with a someone who, though I’ve only just met her, is going to be very near and dear to me over the next couple of months. You’ll be hearing a lot of her advice and words of wisdom on these pages… Stay tuned for my next challenge (which I’m really excited about) – to be unveiled on Monday.

Were you at LIW? What were the highlights of the show for you?

Fitness writer at Leisure Industry Week (LIW) is a post from The Fit Writer blog

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