Guest post: Kris Harley on fit feet for fitter bodies

February 5, 2011

Today’s guest post is from Kris Harley of Sole footwear (specialists in orthopaedic, sport recovery footwear). Kris is an elite level synchronised swimmer who studied kinesiology, coaching and exercise physiology.

Over to Kris!

Fit Feet = Fit Body

Our feet are often forgotten as the foundation of our well-being. They are anatomically complex structures; relied upon to support our weight, impact, forces and to move us about. They take on a tremendous workload. So let’s treat our feet in the custom they deserve – and they’ll look after us for many years to come.

Getting creative at home, you can exercise your feet and legs without a gym membership. Here are my top tips!

Wall or door:

Find a bare wall or door. Stand with your back against the wall. Slowly inch your toes back causing yours heels to move up the wall until you find yourself up on tippy toe, hold this position for 10 seconds and slowly inch your way back down to a flat foot position. Repeat several times until you feel the burn in your calves. Strengthens: calves, arches, and ankles

Bed or floor:

Lie on your back with your feet flat against the wall. Using your toes (like an inch worm) work your way up the wall, as far as you can go keeping your feet flat on the wall. Hold at the top, and make your way back down in the same fashion. If this isn’t challenging enough, try keeping your body stiff as a board to increase the difficulty. Strengthens: calves, arches, and ankles.

Towel scrunchies:

Sitting in a chair that allows your knees to bend at a 90 degree angle, place a towel in front of your toes. Grab the towel with your toes, alternating right and left foot, (try alternating the toes that grab, too) pull the length of the towel under your feet. Once you’ve pulled in the entire towel, work the towel back to its original position. No cheating, just use your toes for this task. Advanced options: have some family towel races (and shine the floor at the same time). Once you’ve mastered the towel, you can now toe scrunch your way across a room, and back. Strengthens: arches and ankles


If you find you’re stuck at your desk for an extended period of time, you can exercise your feet and increase circulation by writing the letters of the alphabet with your toes. Picture your feet in sand if you need some help visualising the letters.

Thanks, Kris! I recognise a few of those exercises from my background as a swimmer (happy memories of writing the alphabet with my feet whilst hanging my ankles off the end of my bed!)

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