Making your own nut or seed butter

November 2, 2013

Nut butter is something of a cult food amongst dieting bodybuilders. It’s dreamed about, obsessed over, elevated to the status of minor deity.

I do like it, although I’m not dangerous around it. (In fact, as an aside, one of the first notable moments of my prep with coach Vicky is when she told me I had to go out and buy the foods I considered “dangerous to be around” and to eat them every day. Since then, I’ve been able to have huge 1kg tubs of nut butters in the house and not crave them. Next up: cottage cheese LOL!)

Anyway, these days I make my own. Why? Cos I like pottering in the kitchen and I like knowing what’s in my food. And I like not spending £5+ on something which I can make for less than half that amount 😉

Today I made walnut and sunflower seed butter to take with me next week to the INBF Worlds (it’s part of my pre-comp diet plan, and I eat it backstage on the day, too).

So here’s one of my few and far between “recipe” posts!

How to make homemade nut or seed butter

– Weigh out your desired amounts of nuts, seeds or a combination


– Soak for a few hours or overnight (soaking nuts and seeds makes them easier to digest)
– Rinse and leave to “drip dry” in a sieve for a bit.


– Spread in a single layer on a baking tray and pop in a barely-warm oven (or, as I did, in the oven which you’ve just turned off after cooking a meal). The idea here is not to roast the nuts/seeds as such but to dry them off and just to give them a bit of a toasted taste. Do not burn them!
– Put the nuts/seeds in your blender and whizz up. It might take a while and you’ll need to scrape the paste around a few times until it suddenly turns into the right consistency.
– If needed, or just if you want to, add a small amount of oil (I like flax oil).
– You could also add extras here like cinnamon, sugar/syrup/sweetener, salt, even chili? It’s entirely up to you. No need to pay top dollar for crazy flavours of nut butter again!
– Once you’re happy with the consistency, put your nut/seed butter in a clean glass jar.
– Leave it with the lid off for a while, it’ll be slightly warm from the blender.
– Keep it in the fridge and eat it all up before it goes mouldy (although to be honest I’ve kept a jar for months and it’s been fine).

Ta da!

Chef Nicola 😉

Here’s some I made a while ago

And here’s my nephew’s enthusiastic review (at 3 years old, he’s already something of a connoisseur of nut and seed butters) 😉

Even bodybuilders’ dogs eat nut butter 😉

By the way, I’m planning a Q&A-type blog post before I fly out to the States, so if you have any questions about my prep, my lead-up to the Worlds, diet/nutrition, training, mindset, coaching – anything really – leave a comment and I’ll do my best to give a useful answer!

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