Guest post: Steph Sullivan on how your nutritional supplements can help children at risk

January 28, 2011

Today’s guest post is from Steph Sullivan. I met Steph at a networking event shortly before I went on holiday. Immediately after I’d seen her give her talk, I asked her to write this guest post. Please take time to read it and consider whether or not what she is proposing is something you could be part of. It’s a win/win, really.

Passionate about helping others with their health and wellbeing Steph is a wellness consultant in Cobham, Surrey. She helps clients to naturally support their immune system and cellular health. For her athlete clients, she looks at how to improve performance and recovery through improved nutrition and supplementation.

Here’s Steph:

As Nicola says, we met at a networking event. One of the highlights for me was being able to showcase (for the first time in the UK) a program that can literally change the world!

The Give for Real program can address not only a way that we can improve our own daily health and wellbeing but how, at the same time, we can address one of the biggest problems our world faces today, that of global malnutrition.

Medecins sans Frontiers states that, ‘Food is not enough: without essential nutrients children will die.’ They are calling for industries to provide nutrient-dense, ready-to-use products that compliment their medical treatment and support at-risk childrens immune systems. That’s where Mannatech and Give for Real has stepped in. Just take a minute to look at this link – truly amazing.

Despite thousands and thousands of tons of grain based cereals being sent each year to at-risk children around the world, these grains are nowhere near meeting the necessary guidelines set by the World Health Organisation for essential nutrients. Children are dying. In fact, the stark truth is that every 6 seconds a child still dies due to malnutrition.

Mannatech (an industry leader and pioneer in Real Food Technology solutions and the new scientific field of glycobiology) have surpassed most people’s expectations of what a company and individuals can do to change those dreadful statistics. They have already fed over 80,000 children in 80 countries through their charity Mannarelief But what I’m talking about is even bigger!

Launched in the States only a few months ago, Give for Real is a unique donation through consumption program. Every time a customer orders their own glyconutrient and plant sourced vitamin and mineral supplements, Mannatech will feed a child a month’s servings of nutritional supplements.

As I write 24,987,234 servings of these unique supplements have been donated and as soon as this hits our shores we’re going to see that counter whizzing round!

We each can now each make a massive difference. Improve your own health and wellbeing and feed a malnourished child at the same time. Giving changes everything.

Thank you, Steph. I hope this blog post will encourage people to consider purchasing their nutritional supplements from Mannatech and, by so doing, helping others.

Guest post: Steph Sullivan on how your nutritional supplements can help children at risk is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

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