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August 7, 2011

In my “what do you want to know” post, one of the options was to ask about recipes, and one (!) person did click that option. So, whoever you were, this is your lucky day. 😉 The rest of you – of which there are thousands I’m sure – can either look away now or read on if you’re interested in some high-protein, highly-creative, super-tasty eats.

This post is sort of a review of the savoury protein powders you can get from A long time ago, they sent me some of their goat’s whey to sample (the review is here) and, since then, they’ve kindly sent me some pea protein too. Thank you,, I do appreciate your support.

I love to experiment in the kitchen as part of my contest prep. Yes, I eat a lot of grilled chicken, steamed, raw or roasted veg, omelettes and stir fries when I’m in a time-pinch. However, I also love little more than pottering in the kitchen to come up with prep-worthy versions of “normal” foods (and typically I’ll honestly rather have my versions than the real thing). It’s so satisfying to experiment with ingredients and come up with something delicious and healthy.

Most protein powders are sweet – wheys and caseins. But you can get savoury protein powders – hemp, pea, brown rice and goat’s whey amongst them. This post is a collection of recipes giving you some idea of how to use them. I’ve asked a couple of notable health and fitness bloggers to join me. (Hint: theirs are the recipes with the really great-looking photos 😉 )

First of all, here are the powders we’ll be using:

Goat’s whey
I love goat’s whey. It’s unflavoured but does taste mildly cheesy, like goat’s cheese really. Funny, that! So if you like goat’s cheese – which I do – try it! I use it for savoury dishes like pancakes and breads (see below) but also make it into a thin sauce with water to drizzle over poached eggs and grilled asparagus. Delish! It’s quite sticky but doesn’t seem to weigh baked goods down, in fact they puff up quite spectacularly. I’ve tried my recipe (below) with pea and hemp and it doesn’t turn out remotely the same. Goat’s whey is the only savoury powder I’ve tried which creates a bun puffy enough to slice.

Pea protein
Great for sweet or savoury baking, smoothies, or mashing into veg. I love pea protein! It’s lighter than hemp (in weight) and tastes quite sweet although it is definitely a savoury whey. It doesn’t taste like peas. Like hemp, it’s a great choice for vegans or anyone avoiding lactose. It’s particularly high in BCAAs and arginine.

Hemp protein
None of the recipes here actually use this but it’s well worth a try – great taste (nutty and earthy), quite heavy so useful for baking (I often make a pancake-type thing with hemp and top it with sauteed veggies for a kind of pizza, or make it into a wrap). Great nutritional stats too because of the hemp – high in good-for-you fats (omega 3 & 6), essential amino acids (all 10 of them) and other goodies like GLA. A really great choice of protein powder.

On to the recipes!

First up is Anna from Protein Pow(d)er, a fun blog and Facebook page. Anna is incredible inventive with her protein powder recipes. I have many, many, many of them bookmarked to make some time. Do check out her blog and Facebook page. Here’s the recipe she sent me. Let me know if you try it.

High Protein Caraway Tahini Bread

160g liquid egg whites (also available from
37g pea protein
17g brown rice protein
10g coconut flour (another awesome ingredient which I’ll probably blog about soon!)
30g tahini paste
sea salt
baking powder
caraway seeds
coconut milk (enough to bind)

– Blend the ingredients together
– Bake at 160 degrees for around 25-35 minutes

Nutritional info
Entire loaf (9 slices)=
70g protein
11g carbs (5.4g are fiber)
21g fat

Anna says:

“I love making breads out of pea protein and brown rice protein. I find they make fantastic flour replacements and have the added advantage of giving you a super protein kick. Protein breads made with vegetable protein powders are a lot thicker, denser and heavier than regular bread. This is why I find that soaking them in olive oil or topping them with almond butter works wonders. This particular recipe is one of my favorites because it involves caraway seeds: caraway seed bread + extra virgin olive oil + eggs = mmmmm!”

Thanks Anna! Loving your work! 😉

Next up is my coach Kat who has lots of great recipes on her site (ideal for anyone in contest prep or wanting to eat more healthily) and on her nutrition Facebook page. Check both out and follow her on Facebook!

Healthy carrot cake

This makes 16 slices.


1 cup fine rolled oats or sifted oat or buckwheat flour 

1 scoop (about 30g) vanilla whey protein powder
1 scoop (about 30g) pea flour protein powder

1 tsp baking soda

2 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp salt
1/8 tsp nutmeg

1 tsp stevia powder (non-bitter) or ½ tsp vanilla liquiflav

50g walnut pieces
1 medium/large carrot (approx. 230g)

8 large/250ml egg whites

100g quark

Olive oil spray

– Preheat oven to 180 degrees / gas mark 4.
– Mix dry ingredients together in a large bowl.
– Peel carrot, chop/grate and blend with egg whites and quark in a jug blender.
– Fold this mixture into the dry ingredients, stirring gently until well combined.
– Spray olive oil around the edges of a shallow non-stick cake pan and pour batter in evenly.
– Top with extra walnut pieces if you like.
– Bake in the centre of the oven for approximately 25 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out clean.

– Let it sit for 15 minutes or so then turn onto a wire rack.
– Allow to cool before cutting into 16 slices.

Nutritional info (per slice)
6.1g protein
5.7g fat

Kat says:

“If you love carrot cake but are avoiding because you’re watching your weight or you just want a healthier cake, this is a great alternative to the high fat, high sugar versions. I love cooking with protein powders and using pea flour protein is a great change from whey. I use a variety of powders to give the taste buds and the body a change and help prevent intolerances. With the huge range of powders available, I can keep my gluten intake almost zero, which makes me feel better – and I still get to do two of my favourite things – cook healthy food and eat it!”

Thanks Kat! Let me know if you try Kat’s cake.

OK, here’s my offering. Rubbish photos, tasty breakfast! I had this just this morning. It doesn’t have a fancy name, but it’s what I like to call (much to Kat’s amusement)…

Big Bun

For the bun:
150g egg whites
30g goat’s whey
pinch baking powder

For the filling:
5g (?) coconut oil
Veggies of your choice, chopped finely (I used shallots, courgette/zucchini, cherry tomatoes, chestnut mushrooms. I would have used spinach too if I had any)

Poached egg (my choice this morning)
Cheese or cheese substitute (nutritional yeast)

– Heat the oil in a small non-stick pan
– Sautee your veggies
– Remove from the pan and set aside
– Blend egg whites and goat’s whey in blender
– Add baking powder
– Add the mixture to the pan you did the veggies in
– Cook on a high heat until the edges are cooked, then put under the grill – but leave lots of room as it will puff up and you don’t want to have to remove the batter from the top of the grill (…I’d imagine…)
– Poach your egg
– Once the Big Bun is brown on the top, remove it from the pan and slice in half just like you would a bread roll
– Put your veggies, egg, cheese or whatever else you’re using inside
– Feast!

I’m hungry again now! What’s for lunch?

Do you cook or bake with savoury protein powders? Are you going to try any of these recipes? Do the words “Big” and “Bun” (when said together) make you laugh? savoury protein powder reviews, guest blogger recipes is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.

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