Physique photoshoot (2) and photoshoot tips from Kelly Rennie

July 1, 2011

Here we are with two days to go til my first bodybuilding comp. After a four-day carb-deplete (during which time I totally forgot both my bank card PIN numbers, cut through my finger and left my engagement ring on a piece of gym equipment), I’m tucking into a blissful bowl of oats and getting ready to pack my bags for Sunday’s comp.

On Wednesday, I had a photoshoot with Dale Strickland-Clark of Immortaleyes Photography (also on Facebook.). You may recall I had a shoot with him months ago after my initial 8-week body recomp gym challenge. Those photos (or some of them) are here.

Dale very quickly turned around some images from Wednesday’s shoot (thank you, Dale!) and so I thought I’d share some of them here.

This is only the second time I’ve done a shoot like this so I am far from any kind of expert in the matter. Dale told me what to do, where to stand, how to pose and what expression to have on my face. So, to make this post useful (since I thought there may be some of you out there interested in fitness modelling, or preparing for a shoot of your own), I asked Kelly Rennie to give her top tips for fitness photoshoots.

Kelly is a successful figure competitor and popular fitness model – she won the most recent World Sports Model Agency competition.

Here’s what Kelly had to say:

“Before I go on a photoshoot, I always write a check list, as the last thing you want to happen is arrive at a shoot without something essential.

Book your tan, hair, makeup well in advance and have a backup plan if possible.

Spend time doing your research on the photographer’s portfolio as you want to make sure that your photos turn out great.

Research what look you are going for in terms of poses and get some examples over to the photographer so he knows what your looking for with the shoot. Discuss everything in detail, so the day goes with ease.”

Thanks Kelly (and congratulations on your most recent sponsorship deal with Optimum Nutrition). And thank you, Dale!

I’ve got a pretty full day today (having already been up since 5:30am for my local business networking group!). I’m not training, but might pop into the gym just to say bye to the guys there. I need to prep my food (carbs!), walk into town to pick up last minute bits and bobs for the weekend, I must burn my posing routine music onto CDs, I need to pack my bags and I want to get at least two sessions of posing and routine practice in. Then of course I want to watch the Murray/Nadal match, and chill out with my feet well and truly up.

Please all wish me a long and restful night’s sleep tonight. I’ve been sleeping absolutely horribly all week.

If you want to follow my Tweets from before, during and after the show on Sunday, follow @thefitwriter on Twitter. I’ll do my best to update as often as I can!

Physique photoshoot (2) and photoshoot tips from Kelly Rennie is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

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Picture updates

May 5, 2011

So a couple of you asked for photos to illustrate my progress eight weeks out from my physique comp. I’m a bit 😐 about putting full-body pics of me on here, if I’m honest, because if you want to really see any kind of detail I need to be in a bikini rather than gym shorts and a t-shirt. Hopefully that’s enough of an explanation! You understand.

However I’m happy to put relatively close-up bits of me on here. If you’re not interested, just skip this post. I don’t mind either way.

Bit of back, shoulders, tricep

Delts etc

Lats, and maybe a l’il bit of serratus?

I’ll be back again soon with more blog posts from my dog or somesuch πŸ™‚

Picture updates is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Fitness physique photoshoot

January 13, 2011

Just before Christmas, I was lucky enough to be asked to act as the body for a physique photo shoot. Dale Strickland-Clark, a professional photographer (and husband of my friend, sports masseur and fitcamp instructor, Heidi), had heard about my 8-week body recomp challenge and asked if I’d go along to his lovely studio so he could take some physique shots for his portfolio.

I ummed and ahhed (not being used to that kind of thing!) and then thought of course I will! A free photoshoot with some professional images at the end of it? OK!

The shoot was quite an eye-opener: professional fitness models out there have my respect – it is not easy to hold “flexed” poses for a long time, making sure you’re balanced and symmetrical, all the while trying to look “serene” (ha ha – not sure I ever achieved that part!) Thank you Dale for a fun photoshoot and a great set of images. Here are some of them.

Muscle model photo

PS It should be noted I am not currently that tanned, pumped up or dieted down πŸ˜‰ (Yes, I sought expert advice on the topic of “Help, I’m being photographed in sports kit and need to look my best as quickly as possible!”)

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