Fitness kit I’ve tested this week: Smartshake neon

June 29, 2013


Have you seen Smartshake’s new neon collection? So fun and Summery – and, since today it’s actually sunny here for once, I thought I’d bust out the neon Smartshakes I was kindly sent to review.

If you haven’t come across Smartshake shaker bottles before, here’s the low down.

They’re DEHP- and BPA-free shaker bottles with two clever screw-on sections to store protein powder, supplements, snacks and personal items. Freezer/dishwasher safe and non-leaky (I promise!)

This new neon range comes in white, orange, green, blue, pink and a citrus yellow and you can mix and match the sections of the bottles to create a fun look.


I am firmly of the belief that having fun in life is a serious business 😉 And that extends to the gym. So if you can have a bright shaker bottle which makes you smile, rather than a scratty old leaky one where the logo has long since rubbed off, then do so!

(Yes, I am fully intending on doing my nails to match my neon shaker bottle 🙂 )

All the design features of the existing Smartshake are there. The three stacking sections which screw together: a larger container on the bottom (ideal for a scoop of protein), a cross-sectioned container to go in the middle (great for pills and capsules, or nuts, or even your jewellery or spare hair grips) and then the actual shaker bottle on top, complete with a mesh and a lidded spout. You can also do away with the middle section if you don’t need it, as the bottom section also fits directly on to the bottle. And you can hang your key on the dangly hook. Back in the day when I wore rings 😉 , I used to take them off when I was lifting, and hang the rings off the hook for safe-keeping.

Thanks for sending me the Smartshake neon bottles to try out, Smartshake people! (I gave the pink one to my sister: she comes to the gym with me and is a sucker for neon pink!)

UK readers – find them online Smartshake website or Smartshake UK on Facebook or follow Smartshake UK on Twitter.

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