Giveaway: Smartshake Slim (new from Smartshake)

April 27, 2014

A quick blog post for a rainy Sunday. Who fancies a giveaway? Why not!

Smartshake have recently launched their Smartshake Slim shakerbottles – smaller, slimmer, tapered versions of their classic and ever-popular stacking shakers.

(I reviewed the regular sized Smartshake neon range here).


I have this blue Smartshake Slim to give away to one of you. I promise you’ll love it: I’m using a combination of the black/gunsmoke and pink ones and already can’t be without it. Look at it – that’s another thing I love about Smartshake bottles – you can mix and match all the components!

smartshake slim giveaway

At 500ml and with a slim tapered shape, it’s the perfect size for travel or cardio. It fits car cup holders (most shaker bottles are too big), gym bag pockets, handmags (man bags?!) and even the smallest bottle compartments on gym cardio machines.

As with all Smartshake products, it’s BPA free, dishwasher safe, etc, and has the classic “extra” screw on compartment for the bottom of the shaker, so you can carry a serving of protein powder, or supplements (or food, or hair bands, or your jewellery…)

To enter, simply
1) like Smartshake UK on Twitter and
2) tweet a link to this blog post with my Twitter name (@thefitwriter) and Smartshake UK’s Twitter name (@smartshakeuk) in it.

Something like:

“I’ve entered @thefitwriter ‘s giveaway for @smartshakeuk NEW Smartshake Slim (shrink the URL)
Closing date 10pm Tuesday 29th April – get cracking!

Giveaway: Smartshake Slim (new from Smartshake) is a post from the Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.

What’s in your gym bag? (Here’s mine + a few reviews)

January 21, 2014

What do you keep in your gym bag? Besides the obvious (shaker bottle, training log, headphones etc).


I’ve told the silly story of my actual bag before so we won’t go into all that again (just in case the Boots Parenting Club people are reading… )

Here’s a glimpse into what I’ve got in my gym bag at the moment:


“Figure of 8” type lifting straps from Legacy
I don’t use straps much, but when I do it’s for pull ups and rows – I find these straps really quick and easy to use

Fat Gripz lifting aids

I love these for bicep training and any pulling exercise. You put them round the bar to basically create a thicker bar, to increase muscle activation and train your grip.

You can’t see these in the pic – they are a pair of rubber grips you put round barbells, dumbells, even ropes and other cable attachments so you can brace your hands during the movement and activate the muscle slightly differently (also adds a layer of “Steritouch” protection between your hands and particularly grotty gym kit!)

Liquidgrip liquid chalk

I do like to use chalk particularly for deadlifts, but quite a lot of gyms don’t allow it (!), so Liquidgrip is good to have in your bag just in case!

Smartshake shaker/storage bottle
I’ve blogged before about my love of Smartshake bottles before (I do particularly love the neon ones though)

Paraben-free deodorant Bionsen
(so fresh, so clean… 😉 )

Beet It Sports shots for pre-workout
I’ve been using these as a pre-workout recently and really rate them. I actually think they’d be fantastic to take backstage at a bodybuilding comp just before pump up. Beetroot juice contains high levels of naturally-occurring nitrate which converts into nitric oxide in the bloodstream. (Nitric oxide is the “NO” part of all those big-name pre-workouts!) Nitric oxide is a vasodilator, which is why the Beet It Sports shots are so good as a pre-workout to help performance and stamina. Note – they are pretty high in carbs (as you’d expect, since they are beetroot juice!) but ITCFYM (“if that can fit your macros” hee hee) then go for it! Best served very cold – I keep mine in the fridge then pop in my kit bag on the way out the door. Oh – and they carry the Informed-Sport logo, too – great news for those of us who are drug tested in sport 🙂 I might have a party soon and create the exclusive “Beet It Sports Shot Bloody Mary” 😉

Sockwa shoes
These little minimal/slipper type shoes – Sockwa G4 – are actually designed for “barefoot running” and come from Barefoot Britain but I’ve been using them for deadlifting and absolutely love them. When I was still planning on doing a powerlifting meet, I was told they would be fine for wearing in competition (for the deadlift, anyway). They’re so comfy! I haven’t run in them so can’t comment on how they feel for their intended use, but for deadlifts they get two thumbs up!

Emergency zombie apocalypse SOS bag
Finally, there’s a little bag of essential items (ie mostly food) in case, you know, I suddenly find myself emerging from the gym to a world where food has ceased to exist, all shops have been burned to the ground, and my “anabolic window” is threatening to eat away at all my gainz. I keep a couple of little sachets of oats in there, some sample sachets of whey (Bulkpowders), some pre-workout (it’s Mezza Turbonox) and some lovely fragrant wipes from Mendill (I reviewed these just before Christmas). Because when the apocalypse comes, I want to my glycogen stores to be full AND my skin to smell nice. You understand.

What’s in your gym bag?

What’s in your gym bag? (Here’s mine + a few reviews) is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.

Fitness kit I’ve tested this week: Smartshake neon

June 29, 2013


Have you seen Smartshake’s new neon collection? So fun and Summery – and, since today it’s actually sunny here for once, I thought I’d bust out the neon Smartshakes I was kindly sent to review.

If you haven’t come across Smartshake shaker bottles before, here’s the low down.

They’re DEHP- and BPA-free shaker bottles with two clever screw-on sections to store protein powder, supplements, snacks and personal items. Freezer/dishwasher safe and non-leaky (I promise!)

This new neon range comes in white, orange, green, blue, pink and a citrus yellow and you can mix and match the sections of the bottles to create a fun look.


I am firmly of the belief that having fun in life is a serious business 😉 And that extends to the gym. So if you can have a bright shaker bottle which makes you smile, rather than a scratty old leaky one where the logo has long since rubbed off, then do so!

(Yes, I am fully intending on doing my nails to match my neon shaker bottle 🙂 )

All the design features of the existing Smartshake are there. The three stacking sections which screw together: a larger container on the bottom (ideal for a scoop of protein), a cross-sectioned container to go in the middle (great for pills and capsules, or nuts, or even your jewellery or spare hair grips) and then the actual shaker bottle on top, complete with a mesh and a lidded spout. You can also do away with the middle section if you don’t need it, as the bottom section also fits directly on to the bottle. And you can hang your key on the dangly hook. Back in the day when I wore rings 😉 , I used to take them off when I was lifting, and hang the rings off the hook for safe-keeping.

Thanks for sending me the Smartshake neon bottles to try out, Smartshake people! (I gave the pink one to my sister: she comes to the gym with me and is a sucker for neon pink!)

UK readers – find them online Smartshake website or Smartshake UK on Facebook or follow Smartshake UK on Twitter.

Fitness kit I’ve tested this week: Smartshake neon is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.

Smartshake winners!

July 18, 2011


Hi guys, a quick post to let you know who’s won the five Smartshake shakers Claire Harper kindly agreed to giveaway in this post. I numbered the entries then picked at random and the winners are:

Kristen of Following Fit who said:
I would most definitely put creatine pills in the bottom. But I would seriously consider cramming some post-workout carbs in there as well… do you think I can mush a slice of bread into it?
” (You’ll have to let us know about that!)

John who said:
“Since I work at a high security prison as a guard, I’m always working on gaining weight, so instead of putting my protein mix in a zip lock bag, it would be great to have a more convenient place for it. The smartshaker sounds like the best idea ever, and I would love to have one. Thank you
.” (Well, you got one!)

Yvonne Higby who said:
“I am always in need of a hair clip or pony tail holder. I would put a few in the bottom of the shaker. Then I would be ready to go! Thanks for the good read, I found your blog from Bikini or Bust. I am very new to this, I have my first competition Oct 1st. I love to read as much as I can about fitness to get motivated. Thanks
.” (Congrats Yvonne and best of luck with your comp)

Flick Williams who said:
“Tiny ziplock bags of protein, to last me throughout the day to have in my SmartShaker!” (Congrats Flick)

and Lisa Kedian who said:
“…Defo have to keep
 a bobble, kirby grip and my car key in the bottom.
Then a small 40g Carbs – oats to have in my shake!” (Congrats Lisa)

OK you five, I will email you now so you can send me your postal address. I’ll then pass the addresses on to Claire who will choose you a Smartshake colour at random and get your Smartshake off in the post. Please bear in mind that sending overseas will take a little longer – but your Smartshake will soon be on its way to you.

Well done to the winners and a big thank you to everyone who entered!

Smartshake winners! is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.

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