A lesson in self-control (baking for others)

April 29, 2011

So, as my competition draws closer, I’ve started to cut the amount of carbs I eat (typically putting them at breakfast, and before and after training). I’m also ‘cycling’ my carbs: rather than taking in the same amount every day (regardless of the amount of training I do, which makes no sense to me), I take in more on heavy lifting days (or days when I lift and also do intervals), and fewer on rest or active recovery days.

It just so happens that today was a pretty low carb day. Not a problem (I actually prefer eating more protein than carbs): veggie/egg/salsa scramble for breakfast, baked oatmeal with berries after a short bike ride, cottage cheese with berries and nuts later on, big veg stir-fry and a salmon steak for dinner, and whey protein “icecream” for pud.

However, here’s the thing. The title of this blog post comes from the fact that I baked this afternoon. Not for myself. Nope, I made good on my promise to bake for my husband and his training partner Richard (of Richard’s TransRockies). As his blog’s name suggests, the two of them are currently training for the TransRockies mountain bike event, a stage race set over seven days and nights, in the Canadian Rockies.

These guys need their carbs. In fact they need all the ones I don’t eat, too.

So when I said I’d bake for them, I meant I’d be baking carbs, carbs and more carbs. I basically walked around the kitchen, looking in cupboards for all the things I don’t eat, and mixed those things in a bowl. The aim was to make a more savoury energy bar, as Richard gets sick of super-sweet stuff to eat on the bike. So, into my bowl went:

– oats
– brown rice flour
– salted pretzels
– broken-up rice cakes
– honey-roasted peanuts
– peanut butter
– date syrup
– blackstrap molasses

and…er..possibly something else, I can’t remember (If I’d known I was going to be blogging about this I would have written the ‘recipe’ down).

Did I sample a sneaky spoonful? Taste-test the batch? Nobble a nibble? Not me! My eye’s on the prize and eating like an endurance mountain biker won’t get me there. Not this year, anyway. Come back next year and, if I’m back doing triathlons and long-distance open-water swimming, it’ll be a different matter 😉

What do the bars taste like? Dunno, I couldn’t say. 😉 My husband sampled a square and said “you have to blog about these!”. Then he had another and confirmed they are “definitely blog-worthy!” (so you have him to blame for this post). Hopefully Richard will give me his review when he’s tasted them, too.

What about me? Well, I’m home alone this weekend whilst the chaps (fuelled by pretzel-peanut energy squares) ride the Dyfi Enduro. So….shall I bake Jamie Eason’s carrot cake protein bars, her cinnamon swirl protein bread, or my coach Kat’s swede cake (yes, really – it’s great – even my husband liked it and he’s very much a ‘traditional baked goods’ kind of a man)?

Can you bake for others without sneaking a bite? Do you prefer more savoury or sweet energy foods? Do you have a favourite low(er) carb, high(er) protein baking recipe for me to try? 😀

PS Frankie says thank you for all your questions – he’ll answer them this weekend. There’s still time to ask him that burning question you’ve been wanting to get off your chest. Just leave a comment on this post.

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When two blogger-worlds collide

April 2, 2011

We’ve got Richard of Richard’s Trans Rockies here tonight (he and my husband are doing the Trans Rockies MTB race as a team, so they train together a lot). Today, they rode 60kms in 4 hrs 10 over in the Chilterns. As a result, they’re hungry. And they’re planning a 3-hour ride tomorrow, so they need to fuel up.

Mountain biking+hunger+bloke friends spending the evening together=curry.

At 12 weeks out from my comp, I’m not really in a position to eat takeout curry (ghee whizz), but that doesn’t mean I can’t have curry. I just cook my own.

So, what do you get when you put a male endurance-sport blogger alongside a female figure-competitor blogger at dinner-time?


and then this

That would be Richard’s chicken murgh makhani (cream and butter sauce), peshwari naan (the one with coconut and sultanas inside), rice and two side dishes.

And then my home-made turkey/tomato/mushroom curry and cauliflower curry.

It should be pointed out that I don’t claim to be a food blogger, know nothing about taking food pictures and don’t care! 😉

Here’s the spread in its entirety…those chaps can eat!

Tee hee!

Just goes to disprove the idea that bodybuilders can’t have tasty meals. You just need to get a bit creative in the kitchen. It’s not all boiled broccoli and egg whites you know. 😉

When two blogger-worlds collide is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

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