Let’s have a countdown

October 7, 2012

Hi! I’ve got all sorts of blog posts stashed away in my brain (and in my drafts folder) but I never seem to have the time or oomph to finish any of them. I will try harder! In particular, I want to write about the fine art of finding – and being – an awesome training partner (in honour of my own current training partner, Ms Helen M, who is celebrating her birthday today. The celebrations started at 09:30 this morning in the gym and included such birthday classics as: lateral raises, posing practice, and cold sweet potato. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, little Miss!)

Anyway, in the absence of that any many other blog posts, I thought I’d have myself a little countdown. Who doesn’t love a countdown?

Those of you subjected to my daily Facebook, Twitter, and non-bodybuilding-forum updates will be used to this by now. In fact most of you could probably tell me what I should be doing on any given day, thanks to my endless numerical countdowns.

For the rest of you:

5 days til the UKDFBA bodybuilding comp (eek!)

20 days til the NPA British Finals

aaaand last but by no means least

Uh… yeah. 26 days til I move house. It’s not so far, just to another county, 100 miles or so I guess but… still.

Packed anything? Nope [ ].
Set up broadband, phone, any other utilities? Nope [ ].
Cancelled all that stuff for this place? I’ve made a start [X].
Enlisted small army of family to help move on the day and unload the other end. Check! [X]
Decided where I’m going to eat for Sunday lunch with my sister the day after I move. Oh yes! [X]

So, apart from the whole “Two Comps and a House Move” vibe my life has going on at the moment, things are trucking along OK. As per the above, I am just a few days out from my next bodybuilding comp, have started my carb deplete and am now doing my final few training sessions before a long-awaited and much needed rest towards the end of next week.

I love peak week, in a funny kind of way. So I’m looking forward to this coming week. I just hope I can navigate all the other stuff along the way!

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