Fitness kit I’ve tested this week: USN Protein Delite bar

May 11, 2012

Fitness kit I’ve reviewed this week USN’s Protein Delite bar in cookies & cream flavour.

Yesterday was a very big, very heavy (and “extra”) leg workout. (In fact, my coach was moved to blog about it!) So, after back squats and hack squats and split squats and whatnots, I was somewhat hungry. To put it mildly.

How handy, then, that USN had that very day sent me a Protein Delite bar! I’d intended to save it for my next scheduled leg day but this unofficial extra one was every bit as demanding at the normal ones, so I came home and bust out the bar and chowed down.

These bars are whoppers! 76g in weight, big and knobbly, they are – as my friend Heidi might say – “a good handful”. Tasty, too, but then you’d expect that: they are covered in a chocolatey coating. Not the healthiest choice, but if your diet/nutrition approach can accomodate it, a very tasty one! I tried the Cookies & Cream flavour but there’s also a Toffee Almond one (which tips the scales at a super-heavyweight 96g). Here are the stats per 76g bar of the C&C:

315 kcals
30g protein
24g carbs (9g sugars)
11g fat (8g saturated)

The protein content comes mainly from whey isolate, milk isolate, whey concentrate and soy isolate, and sweeteners include maltitol. Potential allergens listed are peanuts, soy, wheat, egg and milk.

Like I said, not the healthiest choice but better than a traditional choccie bar and handy to have in your kit bag for those real “feed me now” moments when you’ve absolutely caned yourself and know your muscles will just suck up anything you eat. Some protein bars can be a bit chalky, dry, chewy or tasteless. Not this one, it really was lovely and very “melt in the mouth”. Happily for my diet coach, USN only sent me one! 😉

Thanks, USN people! You and your big delicious protein bars are very nice!

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