Fitness kit I’ve tested this week: Go Nutrition flavoured whey

September 21, 2013


I love a Fry’s Turkish Delight. (Bear with me here, this does relate to whey protein I promise).

I don’t know why; after all, they’re plasticky-tasting, tooth-achingly sweet and, whatever they’re full of, it ain’t “Eastern Promise”. :-/


So imagine my delight when Go Nutrition contacted me and asked me to taste and test a launch pack of their new flavoured whey proteins. Because, in amongst the exciting flavours I was sent is…. Turkish Delight!

(By the way, you can get Muller Light yoghurts in Turkish Delight flavour. Don’t bother!)

Go Nutrition sent me samples of their “Go Whey protein 80” in:
– vanilla icecream (sweet and rich)
– strawberries and whipped cream (creamier than regular strawberry)
– triple milk chocolate (not noticeably more chocolatey than plain old chocolate, but richer)
– sweet banana (very sweet, but then again I did blend it with an actual banana)
– turkish delight 😉 (spot on!)

There are eight flavours in total at the moment – the others are on the website.

All of the flavours have roughly the same macros:
per 25g serving
95 kcals
18.7g protein
1.4g fat (1.1g saturates)
1.7g carbs (1.7g sugars)

My verdict? Very tasty, great “true” flavours, if all a little sweet (but I think you’d expect them to be sweet from the names). A good choice if you have a sweet tooth and like different flavours.

For those who need to watch out for potential allergens, note that ingredients include (very small amounts of) soy lecithin and the sweetener used is Sucralose.

All in all, I’d choose these as a treaty whey, to bake with or to make smoothies from, and I think Go Nutrition look to be a cost-effective brand with a wide range of supplements on offer from pre-workouts and proteins to aminos, fish oils and more. Go and explore their website!

You can find Go Nutrition on Facebook and follow Go Nutrition on Twitter.

Thanks, Go Nutrition people for sending me the whey samples!

Fitness kit I’ve tested this week: Go Nutrition flavoured whey is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

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Whey-hey! MyProtein product review (True Whey, liquid egg whites)

March 10, 2011

Rather than wait for the next “fitness kit I’ve tested this week” round-up, I thought I’d tell you guys now about a nice delivery I had from

I got in from walking the dog to see this on the kitchen table

I was very excited had kindly sent me 1/2 dozen bottles of liquid egg whites and a huge tub of their new True Whey protein powder.

Now, egg whites are egg whites, pretty much. But these are the ones I use regularly (hence why they sent them to me). What can I tell you about egg whites? If you already eat them/bake with them, you’ll know why they rock. Great nutritional profile, convenient, a brilliant addition to lots of sweet and savoury baked goods. You can make omelettes with them (funny, that!), use them in all kind of protein pancake concoctions or scramble them. Egg whites are your friend! (Just don’t neglect the odd yolk or two – they’re full of good stuff, too).

So why buy bottled egg whites? If you’re using a lot of egg whites, it will break your heart to have to throw all those yolks away. It just doesn’t make sense. Bottled egg whites are out there and readily available for just that scenario, so buy ’em!

MP’s liquid egg whites (barn farmed or free range, your choice) are high in protein with trace fat and carbohydrate. They have a five month shelf life but they don’t last anything like that long round here. What I do is freeze all but one and then just take the bottles from the freezer as needed. They freeze perfectly and I’ve never had any problem using them this way. MP’s liquid egg whites

The second product sent me was something I haven’t used before – their True Whey.

MP’s True Whey is a quality whey protein powder combining whey protein concentrate and isolate, with no added sugars and lots of lovely BCAAs (branch chain amino acids). MP have also added “Digezyme®”, a blend of digestive enzymes, which apparently help you absorb the protein and also reduce any bloatedness or “gastric distress” associated with protein shakes.

My iron stomach and I don’t seem to suffer from any such indignities, but it’s good to know the enzymes are there anyway. Oh – there’s also “Lactospore® Probiotic” which, myprotein tell me, helps digestion, promotes healthy bacteria in the stomach and improves the bioavailability of nutrients.

All sounds good to me!

But what you really want to know is, how does it taste? They send me Strawberry Delight, and strawberry isn’t traditionally my favourite flavour. But I really like this one! It’s quite a subtle flavour, not that “pink” type of berry which screams “I am trying to be a strawberry!” Even though I make my shakes with just water, this really does taste like a nice strawberry milkshake.

Sometimes with other protein powders, if I want to make an ice-cream kind of thing, I’ll blend up the powder with icecubes and water and add some xantham gum. The True Whey already has a little bit of xantham gum in it, which makes it really thick and creamy. Thumbs up!

It comes in a range of flavours which sound lovely – and you can order sample sachets. I see myself ordering a few to taste! Chocolate Orange…hello my darling….

To cut a long story short, I really like this whey as it’s thick and creamy, tastes good and has lots of digestive-helpy stuff in it which seems a good idea. myprotein True Whey.

Thanks for the box of goodies, myprotein!

What’s your favourite quick and easy source of protein? Or do you not bother yourself too much with protein intake? What flavours of protein shakes do you like?

Whey-hey! MyProtein product review (True Whey, liquid egg whites) is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Stocking-fillers for sporty types

December 16, 2010

Still got most of your Christmas shopping to do? Yeah, me too. I’ll do it later. Once I’ve been to the gym.

Right, here’s the thing. If you have a partner, Dad, Mum, sibling or bestie who’s into sport, chances are you’re looking for something to do with fitness, nutrition, kit or gadgets.

So here’s my list of things which – in my opinion – most gym-bunnies, runners, cyclists, triathletes and swimmers might like to find in their stocking. A couple of things to note, for transparency’s sake. Some of these things were sent to me initially by PRs, but they’re all things I would buy (or have already bought) again. Some weren’t. All of them are things I genuinely like and use on a regular basis.

Not all of them are festive but they’re all things I reckon you could put in a sporty person’s Christmas stocking for a two-thumbs-up. Personally I like to get gifts I can use again and again. These are those things.

OK, shall we get on with it?

Wingman Wipes

These are extremely manly wipes for the chap in your life. If he cycles to work (as mine does), goes to the gym at lunchtime or goes out on his mountain bike and gets grubby (as mine does – and did, along with two other terribly manly chap friends…then all three came back to our house only to find our boiler had broken and we had no hot water for showers), then I think a pack of Wingman would go down a treat. The packaging is all steel-grey and superhero-ish. You get two wipes in a pack: enough for one moderate to large chap, slightly soiled and of medium sweatiness, I’d say. Oh! And they’re going to be featured on a BBC2 programme called “The Next Big Thing” presented by Dragon’s Den’s Theo Paphitis soon. So your chap could kind of have a random claim to fame in linking his armpits to Theo. Kind of. You get them in Boots stores.

Sure Maximum Protection

Let’s keep it sweaty for a bit. I know ladies are purported to glow, not perspire (let alone sweat) but…come on. Really? Well I sweat, so there. In the gym, it looks kind of good. Outside the gym – in a meeting, say – not so much. I really like Sure Maximum Protection (you can get a spray or a solid cream thingy). It smells nice, fits in gym bag/handbag, does what it should do and it very reasonable (£4.99 I think). Should Santa see fit to pop either product in my stocking I’d be very pleased. I mean, you’re always going to use deodorant, aren’t you? Like you, Santa could buy it from pretty much anywhere – Boots, Superdrug, supermarkets.

Halo sports wash (for your clothes not for you)

OK, one more thing about being smelly and then I’ll leave it, I promise. If you train a lot, I know you’ll understand what I’m on about when I talk about that….smell….your favourite bits of kit get, no matter how well you wash them. Some kit just stinks, doesn’t it? It’s gross. Well, no more! This stuff is the bees knees. It really does get rid of all stinks and, whilst it makes your kit smell more strongly (of “clean”) than normal washing liquid/powder, it “dries down” (ooh, this is like a perfume review!) to a fresh smell. Not too girly, I swear. Then I’m told that it’s anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, killing all sorts of germs, bacteria superbugs and MRSA and what not. I really do love this stuff and wash all my sportsbras and other kit in it now. Go buy! (You can get it in Wilkinson’s stores or online from Germ Warfare).

OK. Let’s try to be a bit more ladylike now. What else….um…oh yes! Food!

I love food, but I try to make it good food. And, let’s face it, there are nuff snacks and sweets around at Christmas, you don’t need to get your own as presents. So I tell Santa “no chocolate thank you!” Poor chap probably wonders what the hell else to get me if he can’t pick up a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Well, here’s what I’d be well chuffed to get.

Linwoods Flax products (especially the…er…cocoa (!) one)

Not to everyone’s taste, but I like flax. And I like it even better when it’s mixed in with other yum stuff like nuts, berries and cocoa (cocoa being different to chocolate, alright?) It’s so good for you, particularly if you’re really active and either trying to build lean muscle or burning a lot of energy doing cardio. You can get lovely big packs of Linwoods flax products in health food shops, Holland & Barrett and probably supermarkets too. Here are the two I like best: the one with nuts and the one which is like cocoa powder only good for you. To me, a gift of these would say “I respect your efforts to eat well but I know your secret adoration of very dark chocolate. Now go and have a Christmas smoothie.”

Yummy pistachios

Forget a dusty old walnut in the toe of your stocking. You want to step it up and get some sort of lovely nut treat like these. Salt and pepper flavour, which appeals to the savoury-toothed amongst us and is great for sporty folk who tend to need a little extra salt in our diets. My friend Richard won’t like these – feel free to ask him what happens when he eats pistachios – but that means there’s all the more for me. Great for a portable snack or for chucking on salads (recipe ideas here. PS It took me three goes to spell pistachios correctly. PPS You get them in Tesco. PPS Check out the website, there’s a cute “Peanuts” video on it.

Stuff for muscly people

I try to pack a lot of protein into my diet (reason why will be revealed soon on these very pages) and often I have to do it with whey/other powders. My online protein portal of choice is the aptly-named myprotein. In fact, I had a delivery yesterday (their Facebook page was offering 15% off orders) and did a little dance in the kitchen. Ask my husband, it’s true. Anyway (anywhey? ha!), there are a few products I’d pick as my latest favourites from myprotein. Won’t be for everyone but if you know a gym-bod or anyone interested in building muscle, they may well appreciate stuff like this as a gift.

1) Goat’s whey powder. Yep. I really really love this stuff. They say it’s flavourless but I think it actually tastes very mildly of goat’s dairy so if you’re a goat’s cheese fan, that will actually be a plus point for you. Having said that, it mixes perfectly in smoothies or with flavouring products. I tend to leave it plain for a minor goat-experience. Baaaa! Oh and check the nutritionals – pretty stellar – and apparently goat is easier to digest for many than cow’s dairy.
2) Flav drops. There are lots of flavour drops on the market (goodness knows I’ve tried most of them) but these are yum, thicker than most so you can kind of drizzle them. The toffee in particular is lush.
3) Handy shaker. Yes, it’s just a shaker, but if you make recovery shakes or want to take powder to the gym to make the shake there, these are great. They’ve got a little thingy inside which helps mix everything together.

For swimmers

Don’t you just hate that water-in-the-ear thing? It can seem to last for days. Here is something which helps me…earcalm. It’s a spray, it’s anti-bacterial and you get it from the chemist or from Boots. It really does work and it gives you peace of mind that you’re not picking up all sorts of nasties from your local pool and storing them away in your lugholes. Yuk.

Sporty book

Every stocking needs a book balanced on top, just in case you still wake up at 6am on Christmas Day and have to read under the covers until everyone else wakes up. Amongst other things, I am currently reading Mental Mastery by Ken Way. I got a preview copy (thanks Becky!) but it’s now available as advanced copies from Amazon. It’s all about how to coach yourself to a winning mindset – pretty crucial in any sport, regardless of what level you’re at. Whether you’ve got a goal set down and want to steel your mind as you work towards it, or have some issue which is troubling you – nerves, poor race-day performance, etc – this well worth a read. And it’s a bit of a tome (over 500 pages) so had great thud-factor.

So there you have it. Stuff to stop you from smelling, stuff to stop your kit from smelling, stuff to stuff in your mouth, something to spray in your ears and then something to read once you’ve done all that.

Never say I’m not a useful resource.

Merry (nearly) Christmas! 😀

Stocking fillers for sporty types is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

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