The Vegan Month

The entire Vegan Month is here…

Post 1: end of the first day, why I’m going vegan for the month, and what I hope to discover

End of week 1: how I’ve found it so far, my first vegan grocery shop, and a recipe

Guest post: on the Bulk Powders website – they interviewed me about how I’m finding veganism so far

Post 3: the obvious problem with vegan month spanning one month!

Vegan meal prep: a tofu, split pea, cauliflower curry recipe

End of week 2: including traditional Sunday roast with the family

Vegan baking recipe: using Protein Pow’s pea protein baking mix

Interview with vegan bodybuilder Tsuki H

End of week 3: in which I find a place to buy fresh handmade tempeh

End of week 4: just 4 days left of Vegan Month

Making homemade seitan: includes an easy recipe.

Reader question: Where did I get my protein from?

Final post: the round up

Podcast interview: Shredded by Science radio interviewed me about Vegan Month in January 2018 – the Spotify link is here and the iTunes link is here.

With thanks to:

Bulk Powders for their Complete Protein blend protein powder and Vegan Protein Bars

Protein Pow for their Pea Protein Cooking & Baking Mix

Lean Greens for their greens powder

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