What does a fitness copywriter do?

I’m not a PT, but I do love training.

I’m a copywriter: a professional writer helping people like you with the content for newsletters, web pages, blog posts, sales copy, brochures, press releases – and more!

fitness journalist

Not your typical writer: I interview athletes during track sessions!

PT, coach, gym owner or freelance fit pro?

I know how busy you are and I know you don’t spend much time at your desk. When you do, you’re writing programmes or food plans, emailing clients or trying to keep up with admin.

Writing always slips down your to-do list…

I can take the task of writing marketing, sales or promotional copy off your hands. I’m passionate about training, sport and the fitness industry and I promise this will come across in anything I write.

I write content for fit pros’

  • web sites
  • web pages
  • blog posts
  • newsletters
  • sales copy
  • brochures
  • press releases
  • – and more!

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