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I’m available for commission and I’m sure we’ll get along famously.

My services include wording for websites, content for social media and copy for brochures, flyers, customer newsletters, case studies and testimonials, direct mail, online and print adverts…. Get in touch to discuss your writing needs. I work directly for clients or through (and alongside) agencies in PR, marketing, design and events. My work ranges from one-off, small commissions to ongoing projects with multiple elements to them and I’m just as happy working for a start-up sole trader as I am for a corporate household name.

I’ve ghost-written chapters for non-fiction books (which went on to sit at the top spot on Amazon) and I also ghost-write ebooks and blog posts. Your name on it, my words in it. I don’t mind!

I write features, kit-tests, first-person pieces and interviews for consumer magazines. You can see (some of) my portfolio here and this recent post is a good illustration of what I do. I specialise in sport and fitness, but not just for sport and fitness publications.

Get in touch. I like talking. Or take me for coffee. I like coffee too.
Phone: 07775 621419
Come and visit: only kidding (let’s talk on the phone first)
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Speak to you soon! πŸ™‚

4 Responses to Contact me

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  3. Talal Hakim says:

    Hi Nicola, great blog – I’m the cofounder of Britain’s first Marketplace for individual service providers and the fitness area is a big part of our platform. We are reaching out to relevant blogs, I hope we can be in touch as our fitness section is turning into a great resource.–recreation



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