Product and kit reviews

I’ve done a number of race reports, product and kit reviews on the blog. You’ll find the race reports under the relevant year (to the right) – “…season plans and reports”. Here are all the links to kit and product reviews.

Optimum Nutrition Lean Whey

Monkey Nutrition X-Blend protein

Quest Excellence’s Forte D vitamin D

Mag Nutrition’s topical magnesium spray

Kinetica Sports Pre Fuel

Absorice pea/rice protein powder

Monkey Nutrition E Bomb and Primal23

Nature’s Best Verdesse green coffee extract

Sativa Shakes plant protein powders

Monkey Nutrition whey isolate protein Primal26

Nova Detox greens superfood and high fibre supplements

Nature’s Best vitamins & supplements

Bio Synergy Skinny Protein Shake, Acai Berry capsules

Bio Synergy Skinny Protein Bars, Green Tea caps and NO2 Pump caps, Pro-10 BCAAs and soy protein isolate

Well Hung Meat organic meat box

Quest bars

New version barenakedfoods protein noodles

Beet It Sports shots

Purition whole-food shakes

Nutribox sports nutrition mini-box

Mariani soft beef jerky

Truvia natural sweetener

NutriPro Bake goodies liquid egg whites, True Whey

myprotein Pulse and Elle True Diet

Tesco Nutri1st Advanced protein products

Optimum Nutrition Whey Crisp and Wholly Oats! bars

USN Protein Delite bar Zest whey isolate, Optimum Nutrition (ON) gold standard casein, Optimum Nutrition (ON) gold standard whey

Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydrobuilder protein powder

Bare Naked Noodles

Village Bakery rye breads

La Maison du Stevia Stevia tablets

Sockwa barefoot shoes

USA Pro Fitness Collection (2013)

TevaSphere Speed shoes

USA Pro 2012 fitness collection

SOLE Sport Flips shoes

Vibrams FiveFingers (Bikilas)

Workout music and DVDs
5 day fit yoga (DVD)

The Firm Powerburn (DVD)

Ultimate Power Yoga (DVD)

The Workout Mix 2011

Defected Records BodyMusic Gym CD mix

Kit, equipment, accessories, and things which I grouped together before realising that’s not the best way to do it… !
Smart Recovery Bedding from The Fine Bedding Company

booost canned oxygen

Gorilla Sports ankle weights

Smartshake Neon

ImuPro 300 food allergy blood test profiling

The Wellbeing Guide to London (book)

Natural Hero sports rub & cooling spray


Belkin sport armband for iPhone

Mint Ease, Sci-MX Xplode, Body Rocka

Gravity Training System

Wingman wipes, Sure Maximum Protection, Halo sports wash, Linwoods flax, Yummy pistachios, goat whey, flav drops, ear calm, Ken Way’s “Mental Mastery”

Trixter, Oxyfit, Zoggs Predators

Z-trainer and Zbands

Made2Fit workout clothing, Optimum Nutrition (ON) Essential Amino Energy ZMA, Robert Cheeke’s “Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness”, Wheyshake whey

Budokon yoga, SOLE Exhale recovery shoes

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  30. […] Product reviews always seem to be popular, but I’ll only do them if you really find them useful (and I do turn down more than I accept – one day I’ll have to tell you about the sort of products I turn down. You’ll LOL and possible ROFL, promise). […]


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