Whey-hey! MyProtein product review (True Whey, liquid egg whites)

Rather than wait for the next “fitness kit I’ve tested this week” round-up, I thought I’d tell you guys now about a nice delivery I had from myprotein.com.

I got in from walking the dog to see this on the kitchen table

I was very excited

myprotein.com had kindly sent me 1/2 dozen bottles of liquid egg whites and a huge tub of their new True Whey protein powder.

Now, egg whites are egg whites, pretty much. But these are the ones I use regularly (hence why they sent them to me). What can I tell you about egg whites? If you already eat them/bake with them, you’ll know why they rock. Great nutritional profile, convenient, a brilliant addition to lots of sweet and savoury baked goods. You can make omelettes with them (funny, that!), use them in all kind of protein pancake concoctions or scramble them. Egg whites are your friend! (Just don’t neglect the odd yolk or two – they’re full of good stuff, too).

So why buy bottled egg whites? If you’re using a lot of egg whites, it will break your heart to have to throw all those yolks away. It just doesn’t make sense. Bottled egg whites are out there and readily available for just that scenario, so buy ’em!

MP’s liquid egg whites (barn farmed or free range, your choice) are high in protein with trace fat and carbohydrate. They have a five month shelf life but they don’t last anything like that long round here. What I do is freeze all but one and then just take the bottles from the freezer as needed. They freeze perfectly and I’ve never had any problem using them this way. MP’s liquid egg whites

The second product myprotein.com sent me was something I haven’t used before – their True Whey.

MP’s True Whey is a quality whey protein powder combining whey protein concentrate and isolate, with no added sugars and lots of lovely BCAAs (branch chain amino acids). MP have also added “Digezyme®”, a blend of digestive enzymes, which apparently help you absorb the protein and also reduce any bloatedness or “gastric distress” associated with protein shakes.

My iron stomach and I don’t seem to suffer from any such indignities, but it’s good to know the enzymes are there anyway. Oh – there’s also “Lactospore® Probiotic” which, myprotein tell me, helps digestion, promotes healthy bacteria in the stomach and improves the bioavailability of nutrients.

All sounds good to me!

But what you really want to know is, how does it taste? They send me Strawberry Delight, and strawberry isn’t traditionally my favourite flavour. But I really like this one! It’s quite a subtle flavour, not that “pink” type of berry which screams “I am trying to be a strawberry!” Even though I make my shakes with just water, this really does taste like a nice strawberry milkshake.

Sometimes with other protein powders, if I want to make an ice-cream kind of thing, I’ll blend up the powder with icecubes and water and add some xantham gum. The True Whey already has a little bit of xantham gum in it, which makes it really thick and creamy. Thumbs up!

It comes in a range of flavours which sound lovely – and you can order sample sachets. I see myself ordering a few to taste! Chocolate Orange…hello my darling….

To cut a long story short, I really like this whey as it’s thick and creamy, tastes good and has lots of digestive-helpy stuff in it which seems a good idea. myprotein True Whey.

Thanks for the box of goodies, myprotein!

What’s your favourite quick and easy source of protein? Or do you not bother yourself too much with protein intake? What flavours of protein shakes do you like?

Whey-hey! MyProtein product review (True Whey, liquid egg whites) is a post from The Fit Writer blog.


6 Responses to Whey-hey! MyProtein product review (True Whey, liquid egg whites)

  1. Joob says:

    1. why are your egg whites so yellow!!?!?!? I’ve never seen liquid egg whites that color!

    2. where do you buy them in bulk like that and are they sent w/ ice packs? I buy mine in bulk from cartons in the store but i have to buy about 1000000 tiny cartons and its irritating

    3. I use Scivation Whey – I absolutely love it. I’ve tried a few others but the texture/taste of scivations has not been able to be beat in my opinion


    • thefitwriter says:


      1) Um, not sure! They’re not IRL, maybe it’s my photo or maybe it’s the bottle. They come out clear and cook up white anyway. (Maybe it’s what we feed our hens on over here..?!)
      2) These ones came from myproteinuk – link is in the post. I’ve also had them from http://titanics.co.uk/acatalog/Pasteurised_Egg_White.html, and yes they come with ice packs. We can get them in the supermarket here but as you say they’re tiny cartons so I much prefer to get the bigger bottles.
      3) I don’t think we can get Scivation over here but I hear it a lot (they sponsor some of the podcasts I listen to) and I see it mentioned on bb.com etc 🙂


  2. sarah says:

    I use MP for True Whey too – can recommend cookies and cream and velvet vanilla plus the chocolate ones too 🙂


  3. Tom says:

    I bought the 6 pack and they came yesterday. Massive box seemed a bit excessive! I’m happy with the product though, just throw some in a protein shake morning and before bed and let the magic work. Can’t fault it. I’ll be doing a review for my site later too.


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