The power of social media in under 24 hours

I just had to blog about this.

One of my local clients (not in the fitness business – he’s actually in the groundworks trade) asked me to help him with his social media a few weeks ago. He knows he should be blogging and on Twitter but doesn’t have time to learn how to set it up or manage it.

So I stepped in, built him a blog and set him up on Twitter. I did this yesterday at the end of the working day…so that’s less than 24 hours ago.

That detail is significant because, guess what: he just had a serious enquiry through Twitter direct message. I’ve added his account to my Tweetdeck and have been managing it for him so, when I saw that someone had DMed him to say that he’d just missed an opportunity with her patio but that she was doing an extension to her house this Summer and wanted him to quote for it, I jumped in with a friendly reply.

Of course, this could come to nothing but at the same time it could be a great job for my client.

All from a Twitter feed set up and managed by me…less than 24 hours ago.

So, if you’re thinking about social media, just do it. And if you don’t know where to start, or don’t have time to do it, ask me. I’ll be happy to help.


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