The Nephew Workout

Once a month, I drive back to my hometown to look after my nephew for the day. Today we had a bit of a giggle shooting a “Workout Video”. If you, too, have a nephew (it would probably work just as well with a niece but I can’t comment personally on this), feel free to try it. However please note that it is complete silliness, I know my form is terrible and it’s not to be taken seriously! No nephews were harmed during the making of this video!

The Nephew Workout


Nephew Deadlift
Nephew Upright Row
Nephew Overhead Press
Nephew Press-up
Nephew Sit-up
(tricky to do a plank – will wait til he’s old enough to sit on my back πŸ˜‰ )

I did lunges and squats too but they were so rubbish I have banished them to the cutting-room floor.

Bonus extras:
– Note from my nephew’s Mum about the importance of athlete hydration at all times

– Post-workout interview with Nephew

11 Responses to The Nephew Workout

  1. funky1a1a says:

    *makes notes* Just need……..a baby…. πŸ˜‰


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  3. Auntie Rose says:

    LOVE IT!!!


  4. Scooterboy says:

    Love it!!


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