Random thoughts & progress pics: 7 days out

This time next week I’ll be tanning up, going over and over (and over) my routine and munching on a bit of dark chocolate before stepping on stage. If I had the energy, I’d be super excited and very nervous. As it is, I’m just kind of hanging on in here, hoping I haven’t forgotten to do anything (or done something I shouldn’t have done) and trusting in the structure of this final week to “bring me in” as well as possible.

Here are some random thoughts from the brain of a first-time bodybuilding competitor at 7 days out from competition:

– New favourite word: “acromiom process”. If you don’t know already what it is, what would you think? Some sort of procedure or set of actions? Nope, it’s that nobble at the top of your shoulder. My lovely friend Jo, who came to give me a very long and very relaxing massage on Friday, told me that’s what the nobble is called. What a funny name! I want to open a nightclub or buy a racehorse so I can name it Acromiom Process.

– Why can’t I sleep? I am just not able to sleep beyond 6am, sometimes earlier. I’ve always struggled with insomnia and never been one to lie-in but, seriously, when I need sleep the most, I’m waking the earliest. Why? Is this common? I’m not sure it’s nerves and it’s not hunger. I don’t get up and start freaking out about things, nor do I rush to the kitchen to eat. I just potter about, ready to be awake.

– Supermarket shopping whilst in a deficit is hard. It’s not til you’re eating this strictly, with very plain food repeated for most meals, and limiting carbs, that you realise just how much food for sale is sugary, processed and packaged in the most enticing way possible. It really is an eye-opener. It took an extreme display of will-power to put my head down and walk through the store and only get the things on my list. Going down the cereal aisle to get my husband’s granola was toughest: who knew there was a cereal consisting of rich brown plump squares, which burst open to reveal melty chocolate? Seems there is. I could honestly have grabbed a box, torn it open and sat on the floor eating it. (I didn’t) And I don’t even like cereal!

– I am very very glad that I genuinely like fish, seafood, eggs, chicken, turkey, red meat and vegetables. I can’t imagine how tough competition prep must be for people who don’t really like eating this way and have to force the food down.

– Dreams on a competition diet are whack. I’ve had the normal anxiety dreams: I turn up at the comp and, rather than being in a local theatre or hall, it’s in the Albert Hall and there are about a bazillion people in the audience but the lights are so bright I can’t even see them. Oh and every woman who’s ever won my category in the history of time is in my class with me. Great. However, how about this for a “deficit dream”: I dream that I wake up after a night’s sleep only to remember standing in the kitchen, shovelling handful after handful of the dog’s chocolate-button treats into my mouth. In my dream, I’m disappointed, I can’t believe I did it, why eat that if I’m going to crack and eat anything? Then I wake up from the dream and have to actually think for a few seconds: did I really eat dog chocolate? Of course, I didn’t.

Here’s a progress pic – today (26th June) first, then yesterday, then one from 15th June (in the red bikini). I hope I can see changes… I think I can.
PS Is that a teeny tiny striation in my glute?
PPS The first two – that’s my bikini so thanks to those of you who voted “purple”!

So today is my last day of carbs before a four-day carb deplete. Bye bye, my lovelies! I just had a Bramley apple creation. It was very nice. From here until Thursday it’s mainly chicken and fish, with just enough green veggies to be healthy. 🙂 And I need to start really glugging that water down, too – although judging by today’s amazing temperatures that won’t be too much of a chore!

Right, it’s a gorgeous day here so I’m off to the gym to lift as heavy as I can whilst that Bramley is still in my system! Then I think I’m going to come back and work on my tan whilst lowering my cortisol levels (aka sunbathe 😉 )

Sorry this was a bit rambling and boring. If you have any questions, please ask and I’ll do my best to answer! 🙂

What are you up to today? Training or resting?

Random thoughts & progress pics: 7 days out is a post from The Fit Writer blog.


8 Responses to Random thoughts & progress pics: 7 days out

  1. Just Jj says:

    Nic, you look A-MAY-ZING.
    We’ve been about the same *size* for some years, I know, but oh BOY are we different *shapes*!
    I’m almost as excited about your competition as you are.
    But very glad I’m not eating for it. 😉



  2. Juliet says:

    1. You look great. You’re going to own it. Show day is the easy part and NOTHING to be afraid of. By that point, all the work is done and there isn’t much you can do to harm your physique. Just trust your plan and go through the motions.
    2. Not being able to sleep during prep is actually pretty common. Well, the bodybuilders I know have told me they’ve had that problem and I certainly had it.
    3. I always had dreams that I ate some cake or something bad and then cried that I ruined my chances of winning hahaha and then woke up.
    4. I can’t believe it’s only a week out!!!!!!

    Sorry I always write you such epically long comments.


  3. You look SO AMAZING!!!!!!!! You are seriously, SERIOUSLY going to kill it!


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