Fitness press release gets result in 120 minutes!

How press releases can get you media coverage- quickly!

I genuinely love helping my clients promote their products, services and new launches. I think every personal trainer, coach and fit pro does a hugely important (and often overlooked!) job so I am always happy to use my professional copywriting services to get them media attention.

This was true for a recent client who approached me wanting media coverage for a charity fitness event she’s holding to raise funds for a well-respected local charity.

She’d never had a press release written and wasn’t sure what it involved.

I explained the process: I’d interview her to get the basic information about the charity event and about her business and then I’d do my own research and write the press release.

I contacted the charity to get a quote from them about how grateful they were to community fundraisers, and I researched a list of about 15 local newspapers, websites and radio stations who might run the story.

My client gave me feedback on the press release and then I turned it into a PDF and sent it out to the list of media, before supplying her with the list so she could follow it up in her own time.

Guess what? Within two hours – yes, that’s 120 minutes – of the press release being sent out, my client had a call from one of her local newspapers!

I want to HIGHLY recommend Nicola Joyce. Nicola wrote me a press release for my business and within 2 hours of it being sent out, my local paper phoned me to arrange to take my photo for next week’s edition! They also said it was very well written, saying they usually have to completely rewrite but not this one! Thank you so much Nicola.

Do you have a new bootcamp, fitness class, charity event, membership service or fitness product which needs media coverage? I’ll help you: I’ll write the press release, identify target press, send the release out to them and supply you with a list of contacts for follow-up. All you have to do is get ready for your close-up! 😉


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