Update on my bodybuilding biosignature experience

Morning! I’m up in Glasgow competing in the BNBF Final today but in the meantime, here’s a quick blog post for you all.

Remember this post, where I described my biosignature assessment with local practitioner, Ben Lauder-Dykes? I went for a retest just a few days ago to see how the final month of prep (and the changes Ben recommended) might have changed my body composition and caliper measurements.

Hopefully you can see the below – click to enlarge

Here are the readings from my first test on 13th August
Hamstring: 18mm
Pec: 3.2mm
Sub-scap: 7.4mm
Knee: 4.8mm
Umbilical: 6.2mm
Calf: 5mm
Midaxilliary: 4mm
Supralliac: 4.2mm
Tricep: 6.4mm
Quadricep: 6.4mm

All that came out at 6.7% body fat although, as Ben explained, he’d typically account for a 2% error-margin either way.

Here are the readings from my retest on 15th September
Hamstring: 7.6mm (down 10.4 – 57.8%!)
Pec: 2.6mm
Sub-scap: 6.6mm
Knee: 5mm
Umbilical: 5.4mm
Calf: 4mm
Midaxilliary: 3.4mm
Supralliac: 3.4mm
Tricep: 6.2mm
Quadricep: 5.4mm

All of which came out at 4.1% body fat (with a 2% error-margin either way).

Here’s what Ben had to say about my retest:

After the initial BioSignature assessment, the hamstring (which relates to external estrogens) was the priority, meaning Nicola needed to follow an estrogen detox protocol.

This included “multi intense” to improve phase 1 detoxification and zinc deficiency, “digestforce” to improve digestion helping to improve phase 2 detoxification, and 3 types of fiber, rotating the source every 8 days to help the body excrete the estrogen toxins. I also recommended Nicola step up her consumption of fish oils to improve E2 estrogen, improving the E2:E4:E16 balance.

Nutrition protocols included meeting the protein goal 1.98-2.18g per kg (this will improve phase 2 detoxification) and as much cruciferous veg as possible, things like brocolli, cauliflower, sprouts, watercress, kale – although Nicola was already doing both.

The screen shot shows a comparison between the 2 most recent tests. Pay particular attention to the bottom table where it details the % change of the sites.

Overall bodyfat has reduced 2.7%, hamstring reduced a very impressive 57.8%, pec reduced 18.8% and “love handles” 19%.

This again shows Nicola truly practices what she preaches and I am very pleased with the progress she has made. I look forward to hearing how well you do at the British today and wish you the best of luck, you truly deserve it. If it wasnt in Scotland I would have definitely been there to cheer you on!

Thank you Ben, and thank you (I think!) for that final training session you put me through just a few days out from competition. I’m feeling great today and know that your advice and the training sessions we did together contributed to that. Keep an eye on my Twitter feed for updates today.

Ben is a PICP level 2 trainer and BioSignature Practitioner. He’s helped 100s of people achieve their goals, from fat loss to increasing muscle mass, competition prep to sports performance. Through experience and consistent studying, he’s learnt that changing your physique is not as hard as most people think, you just need to do the right things more often. He says he guarantees to dramatically change anyone’s physique in 8-12 weeks (if they do the right things often enough!) – in fact he offers a full money-back guarantee. He practices what he preaches, too: having reached the final of the Men’s Health Cover Model and World Sports Model competitions. “So, I know these things will work!” he says.

Ben can be contacted via BFit Personal Training Solutions or his blog, and he’s on Twitter and Facebook.

Update on my bodybuilding biosignature experience is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.


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