#3 – 7 Ways Copywriting Is Crucial For Your Fitness Business (blog posts)

Today’s post about seven ways you can use copywriting in your fitness business is…blog posts! (Like this one 😉 )

Check out the posts about website copy and ebooks if you missed them.

What does “blog” mean, anyway?

Fun fact: “blog” originally meant “web log” – designed to be a kind of online diary which is regularly updated. (As an aside: I have a VERY retro story about my first use of a “web log”, which I might tell you one day…in the meantime, big up my friend David for updating said “web blog” from the boat as I was swimming the Channel… It all seemed very high tech in 2004!)

Blogs for fitness businesses

These days, blogs can mean a standalone blog (like this one), a blog page on your website, or it can even refer to blog-type content on Facebook.

Blog posts are a classic example of “content marketing”. Your blog articles are working hard for your brand, but they’re not explicitly promoting your services, or selling anything directly. But they have an important role to play, building up content consistently so your audience gets familiar with you, starts to know your voice, and sees what you’re interested in (and good at).

You need to blog because…

  • you can refine your tone of voice (and familiarise people with it)
  • it’s a solid form of consistent content (which you can repurpose, too)
  • you can give real value to potential customers long before you ask them to part with any money
  • your blog posts will help boost SEO for your key words and for your name
  • blogs will position you as an expert on niche topics for a specific audience
  • plus…you get to write about things you really care about! Blogging is fun!

Fun… but still marketing 

Although blogs are more informal and chatty than some other forms of copy, you still need to think about them. Blogs need a great headline and subheads, formatting, good body copy, and use of tools like quotes, questions, stories, facts & figures to help them stand out.

Here are just a few blog posts I’ve written for clients:

For fitness training course provider HFE.

For supplement companies including Bulk Powders and Lean Greens.

For Holland and Barrett‘s Health Hub.

For gym kit provider Escape Fitness.

For the Lift Big, Eat Big blog.

For Fit Pro client recipes.

For running4women‘s blog.

For online coaches like Adam Parr.

And Facebook-post style blog posts for Top Condition PT.

Do you blog? If not – why not? (Seriously, tell me – I’d love to help you start blogging).

For more fitness industry copywriting chat, join me on Facebook – and stay tuned here for the next five posts in this series.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist with 13 years experience in writing content and direct response copy for the fitness industry. Get in touch via Facebook, by sending a message here.

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